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On Wolfer Nation, we have hours of free trapping videos, plus a forum that has several trappers that you can talk with and ask trapping questions too.  To reach Wolfer Nation, click here

We have videos to show you how to kill coyotes with traps and snares for predator control or fur trapping. How to control otter if they are eating fish out of your ponds or fur trapping for¬†their high priced fur. How to control raccoons at the deer and game feeders. How to use pet Prof and dog Prof (DP) traps. How to trap beaver. How to snare beaver. How to control beaver for fur or if they are eating your tree’s or flooding your property. Learn how to catch and trap Bobcats, Red fox, Gray Fox, Coyotes, Wolves, Mink and Muskrats. We will cover traps, snares and snaring. You will also see how the catch coyotes and Bobcats to protect you deer fawns with applications of Predator Control, And much more. Plus it is all for free so take advantage of it.


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  1. jerry

    Pls put video on you tube


    He is a great video just put out on YouTube that everyone should watch!!!

  3. Dane Hill

    I could not figure out how to get the video. Alll I could get is the radio. Please help

    1. admin

      Click on the blue wolfernation link. This will take you to wolfer nation. Then click on videos. You will find over a 100 trapping videos and over 150 trapping articals to view. The content changes all the time, so you can pick your animal or just videos on the left hand side catagory block.

  4. Anthony Wolfsong


  5. Sunny

    we had the same prlboem but it was attacking our dog so we could not trap it but after my older bro’s hunting trip the fox never came around again my bro also got a fox from that trip what are the chances?

  6. pl3453 understand th1s

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