Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 27

Trapper Radio Show # 33, Vice- President of the Maine Trappers Association, Brian Cogille is with us. Tonight we talk about the lynx, and the problems the Anti’s are causing and trapping in the great wilderness of the North Woods.

Trapper radio

The Maine Trappers Association has been catching marten, coyotes and bobcats for years with no problems. Now they are under attack from anti’s about the healthy population of Lynx that has walked across the American border. This is a joke for wildlife management, and we need to give support to the trappers association any way we …

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Jul 20

Trapping Radio Show # 32, How to Snare. This is an interview with Trapper X. We will cover how to snare more animals, trap bobcats, coyotes and fox. This is a fun show with a trapper that has been at it for decades, great raccoon hunting and trapping tales.

Trapping Radio podcast

How to snare, learn from an older trapper that has snared more than his share of Bobcats, Red Fox and Coyotes. Back “in the day”, trappers had to sneak around to find out how other trappers trapped animals. Snaring is a efficient way to catch animals, once you understand the target fur animals habits. trapping radio show …

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Jul 13

Trapper Radio Show # 31, Snaring wild hogs and trapping wild pigs with foot snares. Today we will talk to Newt Sterling from Snaring wild hogs and trapping wild pigs with foot snares.

Trapping Radio

How to snare and catch wild hogs in trails. Trapping wild hogs or wild pigs with foot snares is also an effective way to reduce the hog population. Let’s not forget that once you snare your hogs they taste great. Enjoy the hunt, then the feast! Trapping radio show # 31 This week on Trapping …

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Jul 06

Trapper Radio Show # 30, How to catch beaver, otter and grey fox. Clint interviews Belin Watson from VA at the PA Trappers Convention. Belin talks about old traps, Beaver, Otter, Grey Fox trapping and the live market.

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How to catch more beaver, grey fox and otter. This topic is covered by a great trapper and a friend of mine. Beaver and otter trapping can be hard or easy, it’s up to you. If you walk far away from the truck, it will be hard. Belin has great grey fox trapping system with foot …

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