Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 31

Trapping Radio Show # 38, Learn how Paul traps 700-900 raccoons, 100-140 coyotes and 300-450 muskrats in a trapping season.

how to kill coyotes

How to trap 700-900 raccoons with dog proof traps.  100 plus coyotes with dirt holes sets, while coyote trapping in Missouri. Plus how to trap 300-450 muskrats. Trapping radio # 38     This week on Trapping Across America we will ne interviewing Paul Lane from the great state of MO. I love these interviews, because Paul …

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Aug 24

Trapper Radio Show # 37, How to catch and trap beaver, raccoon and coyotes with foot hold traps with Dale Billingsley from Iowa

How to trap beaver

How to catch and trap beaver with footholds, trapping raccoons with speed for numbers, dry land raccoon trapping locations and down a dirty coyote trapping. Dale Billingsley will be our trapping instructor this week. trapping radio # 37   Today on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Dale Billingsley from Iowa, Dale is one of …

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Aug 17

Trapper Radio Show # 36, Trapping coyotes in the mud, too be a professional trapper today, Lure and Bait talk. This is a great interview with Scott Welch from High Production Lures and baits.

how to kill coyotes

Great interview with Scott Welch, we cover coyote trapping is Mississippi, the difference in trapping north and south, beaver and otter trapping on the road. What does it take to make money full-time today. You are going to enjoy this interview. Trapper Radio # 36   This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing the …

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Aug 10

Trapper Radio Show # 35, How to trap Mink,Raccoon and Otter to protect the crawfish farms in LA. Ryan from the great state of Louisiana will cover how he catches these problem mink, raccoon and otter in the rice ponds.

Trapping Radio Podcast

If you want to catch more mink, otter and Raccoons on your trap line, you are going to enjoy this interview with Ryan. He fell prey to a problem all trappers face at one time or another. Learn from his “over education” and avoid trapper infomation over load. Trapping radio podcast # 35 This week …

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Aug 03

Trapper Radio Show #34, How to trap more beaver and otter with Kirk Dekalb from Advanced We will be talking beaver and otter trapping, along with the cage traps he uses and also builds himself.

trapper radio podcast

If you want to know how to trap more beaver and otter, Kirk is a great resource to learn from. He has trapped both beaver and otter by the hundreds and thousands with foothold traps, snares and body grip traps. Trapper Radio Podcast # 34 This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Kirt Dekalb …

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