Sep 13

Bobcat Lure, CAT COLLECTOR by Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group

What is a good bobcat Lure? Who makes a good bobcat Lure? Is a bobcat lure that says bobcat lure on the label, really a bobcat lure? Questions, questions, questions.

.Every trapper that has decided to chase bobcats has had to ask these questions and then choose a or some bobcat lures to go trapping with. This may seem like a simple question, but the results of the decision can make or break a cat trap line results. Lets face it, it is hard to look around and know which bobcat lure will meet their needs.So what makes a good bobcat lure? Well one that catches bobcats on a regular bases of course. Sounds simple, but how do you the trapper know it the lure does what its maker claims it will do. Well, like Ronald Reagan said, ….trust but verify. Not only was he a great president, but he was a smart man. You see he understood that talk is cheap, hype is all around us. What he was saying is to listen, think it over then verify with proof of results. This is the very best way for a trapper to choose a lure. Demand proof and this has to be more than a few pics of a guy sitting behind a few bobcats. Heck, I can catch a few bobcats with NO lure at all. So what does a few bobcats prove? Not much in the way a bobcat lure takes bobcats on a regular bases.

After saying all the above. I…Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group….. is saying CAT COLLECTOR is a good bobcat lure. I’m claiming it, now what? Well watch the video and you will be able to verify that I am building a deadly bobcat lure. Don’t take my word for it, see the proof with your own eyes.
Why does it matter to choose the right bobcat lure? Money and the catch of course! Even southerner bobcats are bringing up to $200.00 today. Western bobcats are topping above $1,000.00 each. A lot of mid-west bobcats are averaging $300-$500 each. Now that is real money. So if you choose a week or half-ass bobcat lure, will it cost you $200 or $30,000? How many bobcats are not caught by a trapper, because he is using a bobcat lure that the bobcat does not buy the hype it claims. It gets worse, what amount of money is spent burning fuel, vacation time, food, energy and lost production? Holy crap, this could get ugly real fast!

So, you are not a fire breathing long liner bobcat trapper. What a shame it would be for you to miss the 1-5 bobcats that could care less about the bobcat lure you have decided to use. If your short on time, you missing a bobcat and having to pull is a much more heartbreaking. Do yourself a favor and put everything in your advantage.

Trust but verify

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