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Aug 31

Trapping Radio Show # 38, Learn how Paul traps 700-900 raccoons, 100-140 coyotes and 300-450 muskrats in a trapping season.

how to kill coyotes

How to trap 700-900 raccoons with dog proof traps.  100 plus coyotes with dirt holes sets, while coyote trapping in Missouri. Plus how to trap 300-450 muskrats. Trapping radio # 38     This week on Trapping Across America we will ne interviewing Paul Lane from the great state of MO. I love these interviews, because Paul …

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Aug 24

Trapper Radio Show # 37, How to catch and trap beaver, raccoon and coyotes with foot hold traps with Dale Billingsley from Iowa

How to trap beaver

How to catch and trap beaver with footholds, trapping raccoons with speed for numbers, dry land raccoon trapping locations and down a dirty coyote trapping. Dale Billingsley will be our trapping instructor this week. trapping radio # 37   Today on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Dale Billingsley from Iowa, Dale is one of …

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Jul 20

Trapping Radio Show # 32, How to Snare. This is an interview with Trapper X. We will cover how to snare more animals, trap bobcats, coyotes and fox. This is a fun show with a trapper that has been at it for decades, great raccoon hunting and trapping tales.

Trapping Radio podcast

How to snare, learn from an older trapper that has snared more than his share of Bobcats, Red Fox and Coyotes. Back “in the day”, trappers had to sneak around to find out how other trappers trapped animals. Snaring is a efficient way to catch animals, once you understand the target fur animals habits. trapping radio show …

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May 25

Trapper Radio Show # 25, State and National Trapping Conventions, Trap Modifications: Lamination, Off Setting traps, Double Jawed Traps, Shock springs, night latching, 4-coiling and trap spring replacement, adding a base plate and why use a Paws-I-trip pan to Long Spring traps.

trapping radio logo

How and why to modify traps. This should be important to every trapper. Every trap needs lamination, some need base plated, but all need to be tuned to reach their potential. If you can think of a reason to modify a trap, then give it a trap. The catch you may save, will be your …

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May 11

Trapper Radio Show # 23, The secound part to state hopping and trapping out of state. Is a partner good or bad for you. How are you going to put up fur on the raod. having you personal life in order and tagging your bobcats and otter.

trapping radio logo

Trapping coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otter and raccoons out-of-state, state hopping. How to skin and put up fur on the road. Trapping regulations and trapping partners. Trapping Radio show # 23

Apr 27

Trapping radio Show # 21, Clint covers a Q&A from his You Tube channel and explains the PCG man challenge. The questions cover topics: How not to get toe catches, getting started in trapping to going pro, Trapping in Alaska, Once you miss a bobcat, Trap sizes for different animals, trapping in the woods with roots, what is the best trap brands and more.

trapping radio logo

How to trap and catch a coyote with fewer toe-catches. Trapping in Alaska. Becoming a professional trapper. What is the best trap size for coyotes, bobcats and fox. trapping Radio show # 21 This week on Trapping Across America Clint will have look at some questions he has been asked from his Wolfer Nation You Tube Channel. This …

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Apr 20

Trapping Radio show # 20, An interview with Norm Blackwell from GA. He is a fur trapper, Animal Damage Control trapper,has worked the live coyote and fox market and was an instructor at our Texas Predator School this year. We also go into a snaring set that he used under the ice trapping beaver in MI.

How to trap and catch coyotes and fox for live market. Norm goes into being a fur trapper. Under Ice beaver trapping. Animal damage control trapping, urban raccoon control. trapping radio show # 20 This week on Trapping Across America we interview Norm Blackwell from N&J Trapping. He is an interesting guy that has lived the …

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Apr 13

Trapping Across America show #19, Coyote and bobcat trapping in South TX, off set on Sleepy Creek traps, Eating bobcat and Conibears under the high fence

trapping radio logo

How to trap, kill and catch coyotes and bobcats in Texas. Off-setting Sleepy Creek Traps. How to snare a high game fence in Texas. Plus eating bobcat meat. trapping radio show #19 This will week on Trapping Across America, Clint will talk about his last seven weeks in Texas. This was a strange ride this …

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Apr 11

Trapping Radio show # 18, Q and A on why traps get dug up, skinning knives, chain or cable for conibears, mice problems for Dog Proff traps, Conibear Triggers and different Dam Break sets for Beaver, Clint gets interviewed for a school project,

trapping radio logo

Why coyote and fox traps get dug up. Chain or cable for body grip traps? Skinning knives for fur handling and ways to fix mice problems with dog proof raccoon traps. body grip/conibear triggers. trapping radio show # 18 This week on Trapping Across America, Clints get interviewed for a school project in NC. Then we …

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Feb 17

Trapping Radio show #16, Predator Control, coyote eats deer, fawns and turkey. Lessions from the Harrisburg PA Outdoor show and why Trappers need to know how Predators effect Deer, Turkey and Quail

trapping radio logo

Why trapping and knowing how to trap, kill and catch coyotes are so important in protecting deer, fawns, turkey and quail. Trapping and learning how to snare are a key to wildlife management.  trapping radio show # 16 This week on Trapping Across America we will look at some lessons Clint learned at the Harrisburg Outdoor …

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