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Dec 23

Trapping Radio 2.0

To hear new Trapping Radio shows Click Here for Trapping Radio 2.0   The new Trapping radio is at All of the new radio podcast shows will be at the new site. I hope this fixes all the little problems the site was having. The format was out of date. We are keeping this …

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May 17

New trapping radio will be up soon for this week.

This week on Trapping radio, I have a show on the coming competition  due to fur prices and how to make sure you plan and have plenty of ground to trap next fall. The more ground you have to set traps on, the more money and fur numbers you are set up to make. This …

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Mar 02


This is David Rolen, Clint’s Webmaster (Chattanooga Internet),   I just got off the phone with Clint Locklear. He wanted me to tell everyone he is not ignoring anyone who has tried to email him, call him, etc. He’s just in a part of Texas that has little or no Internet/Phone service. He said it …

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Aug 31

Trapping Radio Show # 38, Learn how Paul traps 700-900 raccoons, 100-140 coyotes and 300-450 muskrats in a trapping season.

how to kill coyotes

How to trap 700-900 raccoons with dog proof traps.  100 plus coyotes with dirt holes sets, while coyote trapping in Missouri. Plus how to trap 300-450 muskrats. Trapping radio # 38     This week on Trapping Across America we will ne interviewing Paul Lane from the great state of MO. I love these interviews, because Paul …

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