Nov 11

Clints thoughts on his trapping video, CAT COLLECTOR

by Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group

When most trappers find out how many cats we at Predator Control Group taken in some years, they want to know how. First off we target cats. By that we make cat sets and then separate coyote sets. For the photo above, when we were in Texas performing predator control, Scott Adams was in control of running over 70 miles of high fence with snares off the back of a four-wheeler.  I think he aged about 5 years during that 45 days. Then I concentrated on separate coyote and separate bobcat sets inside of the fence. The video Cat Collector was shot while I set and ran the cats sets that were my responsibility during this trip. To catch a lot of cats the trapper has to target the bobcats. This is where most trappers short themselves on their bobcat catch. A general predator set will not do. You have to control how the cat see’s your set for the first time. Then you have to make the set to take advantage of the bobcats habits. A standard “catch-all” dirt hole is the reason so many cats are not caught that are in the given area.

I have been adjusting my bobcat trapping for the last 5-6 years. I had many requests to make a bobcat video, but I knew there was some things that I had not figured out yet. So I held off on the video. Over the last few years, I felt confident in what i was doing on the bobcat line. I’m not saying I know it all, because i don’t. I’m also sure that I will find different ways to catch even more bobcats in the future. What I can say for certain, My bobcat system is plain deadly. To me, you have to control the cats at every stage once they are close to your set. Anyone can catch a few cats a year coyote trapping, but to bust 100 bobcats for a few years in a row, takes understanding the details.

Like i said, most of the video was shot in South Texas. This is not the west. It is just like any thick area in the Eastern United States.  the reason I bring this up, is because some trappers think that the Cat Collector will not work in the East. This can not be further from the truth. I use the same system in Texas as I do in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina, Louisiana and have students using it in Pennsylvania with great results. The system is built around the bobcat, not the ground you find him in.

I am more proud of this video than any other video I have put out in the past. One, I love bobcat trapping. Two, it will save a trappers years of frustration and  they can learn from all my miles and lessons on the bobcat line. I know this to be true because of all the e-mails, letters, texts, forum posts and private messages I get with NOW happy bobcat trappers. So if you want to see how you can go out and catch your own 100 bobcats, you will be ecstatic with the information you will find in the four-hour bobcat trapping video.

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