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If you need to send us a letter (the old fashion way) send letter to: Predator Control Group, 65 Watson Rd, Dunlap, TN 37327

If you have a question and would like us to awnser it on the radio show or share some news that effects trappers.  then drop us an e-mail.

You can also talk to and meet us at several trapping conventions during the off season.


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  1. Joe Brandaberry

    My question is I have a fox it’s digging the fencing from the sides of my trap and I don’t know how to stop that from happening.
    I could really use some advice on that.
    Thank you,

  2. Barry Goe

    hello Clint I just listened to your feb 8th show #58. first I just wanted to say awesome show and great idea. I perked up when you where talking about all the Texas ranches that email you looking for a trapper. I live in Texas and have a very unique job where I get most of the winter off. This next winter I was hoping to gain access to a large ranch where I could target cats. I was wondering if you would be willing to throw a bone this way and help me get in contact with them. As you are already aware you don’t need acess to a lot of ranches in Texas, just the right ranch. Well I’d appreciate any info you could pass this way. Thank you Barry Goe

    1. admin

      Barry we are in the process of building a site for this purpose. To have a way for landowners to find and contact local trappers. It will be on most of our sites and have a home on wolfer nation. It will be the Trappers Phone Book.

  3. Jim

    I recently purchased 200 acres of property that has an over abundance of Beaver and Coyote. I have never snared or trapped before only live trap. Is there any simple information out there on equipment snares, traps etc. for a guy that doesn’t have a clue? Is there a book out there like they have for computer’s? Trapping and Snaring for dummies?

    1. admin

      Jim if you go to
      You will find that we have hundreds of free videos and articals on trapping for free. They are on the video mag. You can search for coyote, beaver and snaring. You will have all kind of info to look at. Good luck on your property with traps and snares, you will have a great time.

  4. Gabriel

    Do 110bodygrip traps work for footholds?? If I put a pan over the prongs…

    1. admin

      They are not made for that for the most part. Most 110′s do not close tight enogh for this to work well. Some do, you will have to find out and search out body grip traps that are sold as complet closing jaws. If you have these style of 110, you can use them as footholds.

  5. Gabriel Ohm

    I am going to be removing a animal from a pole barn that’s been eating silage. Lives in a den (no tracks ground was froze before he moved in) Id like to know how to go about trapping a mysterious animal an if you all had any ideas what it would be.

    1. admin

      I would say it is a raccoon. I would find a friend with a cage trap and bait is with something sweet or fishy. Set it right next to the trail. I doubt it is a ground hog, due to time of year.

      You will more and likely have more than one raccoon, so keet the trap out.

  6. Gary Durham

    Clint i appreciate your answering my questions regarding ADC buisness, i also appreciate the videos and radio, its a great help.

  7. jeff

    I cannot thank you enough for the trapper radio program. I am just getting into it and have downloaded the shows to my external hard drive and listen to them in my cruiser through my laptop when im on patrol. Makes the days go by so much better and I am learning alot. The bad thing is alot of people go free because I dont want to hit pause to pull em over! Thanks again and I appreciate what you have done!!!

    Jeff in Virginia

    1. admin

      That is great!!!

      I have found that I listen to podcast more and more, not radio. We live in an amazing time. We can pick or subject matter in the form of radio or podcasts and not have too listen to what someone else thinks we should listen to.

      Glad you are enjoying the shows.


  8. Bud

    First I want tell you that your Cat Collector DVD is GREAT! I just became a resident of Oregon and where I live is crawling with cats so I took advantage of your 4oz sale on cat lure. My questions is, I am using O’Gorman’s Moutain Marten call for my marten line this next season and looking for a change up or second lure for marten and if you or any of your customers (brother trappers) can recomend some of your lure types.

  9. Bill

    The Trapping radio episodes, can they be downloaded to my Mp3 so I can listen at work? No net access but while driving i can play my Mp3…can it be done, I looked and if so I just missed it …thanks


    1. admin

      Bill, when you go to a show you want to down load, right click on the play button (before you start the podcast). You will get a menue from you computer that says “save as” or “save target as”, then follow the directions your computer gives you. After it is down loaded to your computer, you can listen to it on your computer or upload to MP3 player.

  10. Kris Jones

    Clint. I don’t know if you recognize the name or not, but, I have picked your brain a couple of times recently. Thanks for the information. My question this time is….skunks. I have been looking at the live traps, made of pvc. I will be doing some work for them inside city limits, and am curious about the…….”non-spraying abilities” of the live traps. What do you think? I can catch them in footholds, but, I can’t please homeowners that way. Do the pvc traps work? Can the skunk not spray? Can these be made easily by me in the shop? Any idea would be appreciated. Also, feel free to call if you would rather. Thanks.
    Kris Jones

    1. admin

      Kris, I would ask this question on Wolfer nation. I do not have much real world experience with shunks cages around houses, but there are a lot of guys that will get you the right info on Wolfer Nation.

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