Jan 13

Coyote and Bobcat togather at one bait pile in night vision

Coyote and Bobcat togather at one bait pile in night vision. Bobcats do not fear coyotes.


  1. Todd Campbell

    Clint, I would like to know what trail cameras you prefer to video trap locations. There are so many on the market it is hard to know what the best ones are. Thanks. TC

  2. Cat Crippler (Charlie)

    Trail camera footage has put us light years ahead of time on our thinking. We can learn so much about wild animal behavior by owning a few cameras. I enjoyed watching this Big Tom hold his ground in open looking ground, eventually defending off those 2 Coyotes from what it appeared in the film. I guess that’s what happens in snow country when food is harder to come by. Only the strong survive.

  3. mcb

    That cat was holdin his ground.

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