Nov 11

Do’s and don’ts for baiting the Alcatraz dog prof Raccoon Traps

by Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group

Since the Alcatraz dog prof trap does not have a lever style trigger. let’s go over some do’s and don’ts when baiting this trap. First off to bait the trap, open the back door on the trap and smear bait on the door. Close the door and set trap. If you are not using bait, but want to use a lure. You can glue a small section of sponge to the inside of door. Then you add your lure to the sponge. Close the door and set trap. Not rocket science by any means.

What not to do. First off the pan have to move as the coon tries to reach around it to fire. So you don’t want to pack the bait right up to the pan on the back side. The will keep the pan from firing. second, don’t have lure or bait on the door side of the pan. Raccoons will just gently steal your bait without firing trap. marshmallows or anything like that should be avoided. The raccoon might be able to hook a toe nail into the marshmallow, he might be able to get the bait out without firing the trap. This may also cause a toe catch. You don’t have to get creative with baiting an Alcatraz raccoon trap, just open the door, smear the bait, close the door and set. I know this may be hard to trust because we all have had to play games with a dog prof or pet prof raccoon trap that has a lever style trigger. That is why the pan system on the Alcatraz allows for faster setting without the games.

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