Nov 22

Good news and bad new for tonight show

We are not having a show tonight. As you have seen the site has gotten crazy slow and sometimes the show will cut off during the show itself. What is happening is that the traffic is getting to high for our simi-dedicated server. A site like this uses a massive amount of resourses, not like a normal text site or fourm. The server is about melting down. We have a plan.

We are in the process of moving everything over to a dedicated server. This way we own all the resourses and band width on the server. This should have this and our other sites moving fast again. This should also stop problems with the show stopping for some folks.

I thought we would be up and running before today, but will be righ back on track next week. Sorry for not having a show, but growth is a good thing.

The reason the show is getting hammerd this much is you guys, and i want say thanks for streading the word.

See you next week

Clint Lockleat

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