Nov 18

How to catch a Coyote naturally and cheap!

by Clint Locklear, Predator Control group

If you want to get my attention and get me coming your way, just bake some slice and bake chocolate chip cookies. Why, it’s a great memory from childhood. You see my mom used to make these cookies when I was growing up. Today, when I smell the cookies in the oven, I come running like a June bug on a string. So just what in the world does this have to do with trapping? Just be patient grasshopper. This “sliece’em and dice’em” method can be used by a fur man, but may be even more important to a control man. Just imagine its 99 degrees on the coyote line and the coyotes are walking by your pet scent. When it’s really hot, most coyotes couldn’t give a damn about your super secret concoction in a bottle. They don’t eat heavy when it’s hot out, and nature has plenty of food available during the spring and summer months. This is why urine, droppings, and a good gland lure is the work- horse of most summer control men. So let’s use more than just smell at a set. Let’s trip the trigger on the memory banks of a coyote.

Most pups are fed by regurgitated food that the parent has eaten. This is the “slice and bake” cookies to the young coyotes. There is no threat and no reason for the young coyote to miss-trust the offering. Just as I feel about the cookies, most coyotes react in the same manner to the stomach contents of another coyote.

Now let’s put this thought process to use on the coyote line. Keep in mind that this “bait” will work any time of the year, but fall is when I use it the most. Since pups are running all over the country-side looking for food and a new home, give’em their version of slice and bake cookies. First you have to catch a coyote that has something in its stomach. The reason I said “something in its stomach” is because I have found that a lot of coyotes don’t have anything in the stomach when I catch them. Now take out you knife and open the coyote from the lower belly to the rib cage. Find the stomach and feel to see if anything is in it. If so, cut the stomach wall and pull out the contents. I always keep the disposable plastic containers in the truck for different purposes. I place the stomach in the container and seal for an upcoming set.

Have you tried this on Coyotes or Red Fox? if so tell us what you found out. Any thoughts, please leave a comment.


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  1. ninetoes

    clint, do you use the stomach lining or just the stomach contents or both

    1. admin

      contentsare better

      1. 9toes

        clint, thanks for clearing that up. never thought of doing that,but it makes sense. nw fl.

  2. Jesse Gullet

    Amen to trapping & snaring wildlife it’s what I live for !
    Dam anti’s have not a clue !

  3. colton

    You can use traps or you can shoot them it depends on where you live and if you want to relocate kill them fast so they dont fill a thing or if you want to kill them after you catch them or if you just dont have time to shoot them i would go with traping it makes it so you dont have to sit and call them in if you dont have time.

  4. Ben

    AMEN CLINT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don Hughes

    Snares are cruel! There is no reason to kill Coyotes unless they are killing your pets or livestock. However, any educated individual knows that a humane cage style trap is the preferred way. Then relocate to a more remote area within 20 miles or so of where you trapped them. To kill just for the sake of killing and gutting them to attract other Canis Species is barbaric and totally unnecessary. Handling or gutting a rabies infected animal is not wise a choice. Wildlife Specialist would advise you of the same, most areas have specialist who are equipped to trap and relocate. You sportsman are not the experts here, all creation is to be respected, not destroyed for personal amusement. Like child abuse, there is no excuse for animal abuse. The way we treat animals translates into how we treat each other.

    1. admin

      Don, It is clear that you are totally ignorant on trapping and catching coyotes or why. For one, you can not catch coyotes in cages (beside a few studip ones). That is a pipe dream of people that have no true understanding of wildlife.
      Let me clue you in on a few facts. YOU are not alive today, this week or for you whole life with out killing animals. I know this may be a shock to you. You eat absolutly nothing that does not come from lives of something else. Ok, you don’t hunt or trap i take it. Do you eat meat, did your parents? I am willing to bet you did or that you parents did. So you are only alive to day because of this. If you only eat plants, you are personally responable for tens of thousands of animals to die to give you vegies and greens. There is no, let me say that again, there are NO farms that do not kill animals for plant production. People live because of animals, animals live because of plants, plants live because or the little critters that live in the ground. Take one step out of this cycle and the whole systems fall apart. The difference between you and us is that we understand nature and life, you think food comes from the store. We take from nature as God intended, we take life yes, but we are not so small minded to hire out our killing as you do. You sir are a coward, because you do not take resposability for you own life. Somehow you think you are smarter or better than us, thats fine, but you still live because YOU are alive from dead animals.
      We do trap for fur, I’m proud of it. You on the other hand think this is cruel. Again if you had a clue about real nature you would understand that we do not raise our animals in cages, they have a great life and there death is quick. In your MADE UP world, animals die of old age. That is not the case wild animals die a horrable death. Most are eaten alive as they watch there own guts being eaten in front of there own eyes as they suffer. That is reality, I’m so glad for you amusement, you support this kind of death for wild animals. I would also assume you think wearing fur is bad, but you would support all the slave labor, polution and killed animals for your cleared land for factorys for you oil based clothes. Does two faced ring a bell yet!
      Do youself a favor, no one on this site gives a damn about what you think, you are a problem to nature and animals. If your going to spout off your mouth about something you know nothing about, I suggest you do it with the rest of the ignorant people you probally run around with. We know the truth, we know about nature, you are just taking up space and are in the way of true nature.

      1. Cuzbo

        Could not have said it any better!

  6. Jackie V Goodin

    Stomach contents works great on fox especially early in the fall or at least thats when we used them , may work year round I always figured young fox would work them better because it was only 4 or 5 months since they were fed by their mother ,may need to try them the rest of the season and see how well they work then. Ive not tried coyote but I will this year. I had forgotten using them on fox till I read this it was something my dad liked to use when we trapped together its been 10 years since I had thought about it. jackie

  7. Dennis

    I have 50 acres of woods with a small field in the middle and a lot of coyotes,I need to know a good way to kill them

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