Oct 25

How to catch coyotes

 by Clint Locklear, Wolfer Nation

The old saying says it all, “just put the trap where the coyote is going to put his foot”. Kind of a smart aleck way the put it, but true. One of the first things before you can put your coyote trap where the coyote is going to step, you have to have your set on a location that the coyote will be. Most trappers have be trained over time to look at set location as a “stand alone” feature of some kind.  You know the , crossroad, fence line, rock piles,  gates. That is what we as trappers have seen in every magazine, book or listen to demos at a trapping convention. A great location is this “feature” of some kind that draws all animals in, like on a string. Really? I don’t think so. This is a sub-standard way to look for coyote locations. Instead, learn the travel ways of the animal and then and only then find a feature, on the travel way.

This takes time and much tracking to understand. Snow is an awesome teacher for this lesson. If you get a good tracking snow, follow a coyote or two for a mile or two. If you have an open mind, you will learn more than any trapping book or trapping video will teach you. Some times in sand country or mud country, you can track a coyote if you take your time and don’t get into a hurry.

What will you learn, the travel ways of the coyote, bobcat, red or grey fox. Now if you do this, you will have to decide to trust the animal or what you have been trained. It will be shocking for a “feature” trapper.

Once you understand, the travel ways, then you can start to really rack up the coyotes or any other animal for that matter. Once you understand the travel ways, then you will know were the coyote will put his foot and that is where you put your trap or snare. listen to the animals! 





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  1. troy

    keep on keepin on , good job ! clint ,i have a wiley coyote thats getting the best of me , he’s running on about 200 acres a block of woods thats cut off by high travel roads on all four sides ,the reason i’m asking for your help is the nice little coyote, ate our family dog , i only have about 15 of the two hundred acres to try and catch him on everytime i make a set of some kind he comes in about two days after and stands there then leaves, i have him on camera i’ve seen him , on the four wheeler but i dont know how to catch him can you help ? thanks i call him the city coyote !

  2. Todd Campbell

    Hi Clint, I am very proud of you. You have put this website together and have done everything in your power to make us trappers become better at taking furbearers. Your work ethic is to be respected and just because you have a small problem spelling doesn’t mean that you are not a great communicator. Thank you for having this website. Even when you mispell a word we still know what you are trying to say. No one is perfect except the Lord Jesus Christ and we all have our weaknesses. Keep on keepin on. Woops I mispellelled keeping on purpose. We all have diverse gifts and talents and just because you have trouble spelling doesn’t mean you are not a very gifted man. A-men.

    1. admin

      Thanks for backing me up, Bro.

      Spelling is not my strong point. Kind of like from being from the south, we may talk slow, but we don’t think slow.

  3. Nancy Watkins

    You need to learn to spell, dude. It’s WHERE, not were in multiple places in your article above. And it’s smart aleck, not alick.

    1. admin

      How true, Spelling and grammer has never been my strong point. So after 42 years, I doubt that I will go back to school. The point of this site is to comunicate to others that want to learn something about trapping. My spelling is not the best, but it is better than it was only a few years ago.
      My profession is a trapper, not a writter. I would hate to think what would happen in the world if only the “good spellers” were allowed to write. Everyone has their strong points and not so strong points.
      The whole point of writing or speaking is to comunicate an idea, not prove ones education in “book learning”
      Thank you for the corrections, I will change them in the post.

    2. Ghataye

      I live in an area of Henderson, NV and we have Rabbits, Coyotes, Bobcats and Cougars. Lately we have had a lot more Coyotes in our area then usual. I have had three run ins while being out with the dogs. The first time I was wlnkiag down the street with my Lab and there he was. I started wlnkiag across the street only to have him follow. So I yelled at him and told him to go home he left for the golf course. The next time I was wlnkiag the Lab and Doxie. Came around the corner and he was running across the road. The little 11lb doxie barked at him. I pulled her back because was not sure what he would do. the last time was just this week I was in the yard playing with the three dogs and he was in the neighbors backyard. Again I told him to go and he did. There is suppose to be 5 of them one male and 3 females and at least one pup but not sure if there are more in the area. Some of the neighbors feed them figuring they will leave there cats alone. I don’t let mine out back without me being there early in the morning or late in the evening. They have jumped fences and taken little dogs.

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