Dec 23

How to trap and catch muskrats in colony traps in channels

How to trap and catch muskrats in colony traps in channels

This is a great way to rack up numbers of rats in a hurry. It is hard to beat a colony trap. If you are going to get into this, you will find that you will want to buy or make several sizes. Some will be 5×5 inches, 6×6 inches, three door longer traps and wide ones like that are in this youtube video.

If you can catch a rat in a conibear trap, you can probally catch them in a colony trap. the fun part about the colony traps are the repeat customers. Most trappers think of colony trap and blocking up dens. This thinking will only limit you.


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  1. matt

    don’t be afarid to make wider traps as well , here when the season starts the water is normally low and the runs are pretty well defined , after the first couple of big rains the vegatation is washed back and the runs are much wider in that case i like a wider trap

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