Mar 02


This is David Rolen, Clint’s Webmaster (Chattanooga Internet),


I just got off the phone with Clint Locklear. He wanted me to tell everyone he is not ignoring anyone who has tried to email him, call him, etc. He’s just in a part of Texas that has little or no Internet/Phone service. He said it takes him like 30 minutes just to connect to his email service and then about all he can do is see that he has a TON of emails.


So anyway, he will be in touch with everyone when he gets back.


  1. Dwight Duck

    My wife is trying to set up this web site for me as I am not very computer literate. We are looking for the cheapest way to get the most search engines so the maximum number of people will be able to view my site once we have a decent amount of content in it. Can you make any suggestions ?


    1. admin

      Cheapest way is to become a internet expert, not tryng to be a smart A$$ but true. We offer a service for this, but it does cost. You can read a lot of books on the subject and search the internet for free info, but it takes time and trail and error to figure it out. Sorry man, but there is no easy fix or way to crush it on the web.

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