Apr 24

If I wanted America to Fail?! This is a powerfull video that each one of us should watch and really think about.


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  1. cory

    Verry good but sounds alot like paul havey if I were the devil

  2. Don M.

    Thanks for sharing this video. I will pass it on to many others.

    Let’s all stand together for FREEDOM!
    God Bless America…

    Don M.

  3. mcb

    Good video, shows the exact road we are on.

  4. Beavertrapper

    Excellent video. It points out juts how far along the road to ruin we are. I firmly believe we have crossed the Rubicon and it’s too late to alter the course of events. Our only option is to survive the coming collapse and rebuild using who, and what survives.

  5. Ryan Blackorby

    The free market is the foundation for FREEDOM!

  6. Bud Stroup

    The libs can not stand the truth or facts, to them the truth herts. Thank you Clint for showing this and not worrying about negative feed back as a buisness man.

  7. tim landis

    god bless clint locklear

    god bless america

    tim landis, cpa

    usmc veteran

    proud american

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