Nov 18

Lure thought on making a great or good beaver Lure

by Clint locklear

Beaver are easy to lure if one uses lure in the right way. Before we get started, let me explain a little fact. A lure does not have to be reeking of caster to be a good or great beaver lure. This is a misconception that costs trappers many beaver a year. Don’t get me wrong, castor is a good beaver call and has thousands of beaver to it’s credit. However if all your lures are castor, sack oil, and glycerine or mineral oil, you just don’t have the lure category covered.

There are a lot of other oils and herbs that really call a beaver to where you want him-over or through your traps. Most good beaver lures will have a trace of castor. The overpowering odor will be an oil, herb or a combination. There are some strange odors that get a strong reaction with beaver. I am at a lot of conventions with my lures and get to study people when they crack the lid on a bottle of lure. If they think they know what is used in the lure, then it can’t be any good. If they smell some anise, wintergreen or some other common smell, it no longer has a certain mystic or romance, and some trappers will put the bottle back on the table. On the other hand if the odor can’t be figured out, then it has to be good stuff. I guess trappers want to believe there is some black magic too come up with a good lure, not so. Most good lures have a first blast of odor when the bottle is opened. Some ingredients are more volatile than others and smell the strongest right out of the bottle. After the lure is exposed to the air for a while, the odor changes. So what you smell in the bottle, is not what the animal smells. The trick is to make a lure that appeals to an animal after it has been exposed to the elements.

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