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By Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group

In most parts of our great nation, if you are working on predators, you could have a dog problem. Dogs can and will show up in places that should be dog free. A lot of times these are hunting dogs. Everyone has heard the old reason why coon hunters are hunting illegally – “dogs can not read “no trespassing” signs and all”. And we know that dog hunters NEVER turn their dogs loose where they are not supposed to. Plus, people walk and loose dogs all the time. So in most areas you will have dogs to contend with.

Now if you are working in the spring, summer are early fall, it can get hot. A dog will not last long in the direct heat if he does not have water. I personally want to decide what happens to a dog that is not where he should be. Use can drags and get the dog to cover and shade. What I like to do is to use cable extensions and tie off the trap to a tree or brush. If there is not a tree I will stake off the cable so that the animal can make it to the shade. This way the animal will be alive when you get to him. This may not be the case if you stake a trap down with a short chain.

If you are worried about foot damage, don’t. On an 8-12 foot cable the animal fights the trap a lot less than a short chain. I know in your mind you see the animal running from one side of the catch circle to the other and hurting himself, but that’s in your head. Even a coyote has less damage with a long cable. He will work on the outside of the circle and kind of hump the trap around. When he gets tired he goes to the shade and takes a break. I have been using this method for years, give it a try.

How do you deal with dogs and pets in the summer heat? please leave comment.


  1. Beavertrapper

    Do you use all cable on the trap, or do you a foot or so of chain directly attached to the trap then cable attached to the chain?

    Do you have issues with coyotes chewing out of cable?

    Since I’m a hobby (weekend) trapper I can check my traps early in the morning before the heat of the day, but the idea of using cable rather than chain and stakes is seems like it would be lighter, faster and easier than staking.

    1. admin

      This goes with the post you put on Wolfer Nation about having a “beginners” section in the show. I just assumed that everyone would know what I was talking about. ( not saying you area begginer”

      I use the factory chain on the bottom of the trap and then add an extention cable to the chain. I have some that are 6 feet and some that are 12 feet to reach a tree or big bush.

      I have never had a coyote chew on the cable yet. They will bit at the trap. So the cables will last for years. I use 3/32 7×7 cable. Some use 1/8 cable, but to me this is over kill.

      It is faster and you will get out more sets, because you are not burning time and energy beating in a stake. I am a proud member of the Aniti- hammer club and only use a stake at last resort. Give it a try this year, you will like it. It also helps hid your catch, because the animal will settle down in cover if given the chance.

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