Oct 29

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Small pet owners, beware: Coyotes take to city life.

In Bellevue last year, a coyote bit a 1 1/2-year-old boy on the ear at a playground, and a 4-year-old boy was bitten in the yard of his home. Still, “you have a better chance of being run over by your mailman,” Chandler said.

Karen Barnett, who lives near 24th Avenue East and East Prospect Street in Montlake, said her tuxedo cat, Thomas, was missing when she got back from vacation June 29. Black and white fur, like Thomas’, a 4-inch piece of intestine and two piles of coyote feces later were found in her yard.

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PETA is again loosing their mind. They are bringing an “anti-slavery” law suit against Sea World. Since the Constitution does not make the distinction between animals and people, they say that there is no difference. They walk among us, and whats worse is they vote. 

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Georgia is getting hammered with Wild Hog Problems. They are figuring out that Hunting will not fix the Problem.  A recent Scripps Howard News Service story reported that wild pigs account for approximately $800 million in property and crop damage each year, as well as 27,000 auto collisions.

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Thieving otters are a common problem for private pond owners and fish farmers in the Mid-South — and for some reason, it’s especially bad this time of year. Adult otters usually weigh 15 pounds or more and can eat up to 21/2 pounds of fish per day. That means one otter, over a three-month period, can consume 225 pounds of fish — and they’re not particular about the size or species.

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