Jul 19

The new Raccoon Dog Proof Trap that is now hitting the trapping market, Clint’s go to DP!

The new Raccoon Dog Proof Trap that is now hitting the trapping market, Clint’s go to DP this fall !

3 raccoon caught with new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap

3 raccoon caught with new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap

There has been a lot of buzz about a new dog proof raccoon trap that is coming out on the market. I can now start talking a little bit about it. I tested this trap last season for Freedom Brand. I used it and caught a lot of raccoon with it. I abused the new DP. I even went as far as soaking them in salt water to see what would happen once the trap was not treated very nice. I used the same methods as I always have. I used my Coon Crack and Coon Crush just like always. I did not change trap locations or setting procedures. What happened? I now have a new dog proof trap that will be on my personal fur lines and my personal control lines, Why?

It kicked butt and took a ton of raccoons off the board for my predator control clients. What blew me away is the ease the traps sets. Get this, it self sets, and a kid can set it and go out and catch raccoons. It looks like a catching machine from the Terminator movie, talk about a quality made trap.

What tripped my trigger more than anything else was the catch ratio per trap night I got with the Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap. I have used several traps and even designed my own, but none came close to the new trap in catching raccoons. I think this has a lot to due with the new radical way the trigger fires the trap. This is not a remake of the Grizz trap, the firing mechanism is more efficient and I had very little bait stealing going on.

You will be able to lay your hands on them at the NTA this year in Ohio in a few week. Trust me on this one, you will want to see one of these DP traps before you order any other DP traps this year. They will be at the F&T booth and also at other dealer tables.

These traps are totally made in America, you got to love that! Plus they cost what a cheaper DP cost, but are top quality in material and design.




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  1. Eric

    Do these traps need to be boiled, dyed, etc??

    I just bought a dozen and they are very impressive and easy to set-up!


  2. tim may

    when can we buy them outright from a dealer

  3. jennifer roever

    I’d even be willing to try them for you on our line since I have ploblems setting the other dp’s?

  4. jennifer roever

    Do you know what kind of price will be on these traps yet? Won’t get to the National this year, but will get to the Wisconsin convention. Who will have them there and by then will the prices have gone up? Who is the dealer that will have the best price out there right away? Thanks, Jennifer Roever

    1. admin

      I think around $149.00 a doz. They will be at the NTA and right after a lot of dealers will have them.

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