Dec 09

Salting fish for a cheap trapping bait for coyotes, fox, bobcats, raccoons, mink and otter


Salting fish for a cheap trapping bait for coyotes, fox, bobcats, raccoons, mink and otter

Fish is a great trapping bait for coyotes, fox, mink, otter, bobcats and raccoon. Most guys only think about raccoon trapping with fish. Don’t make this mistake. Land predators will also trade their hide for a chunk of fish.

One way to use fish for a trapping bait and very basic way for you to put fish to work for you is to salt the fish. Salting fish is cheap and easy. The up-side to salting is that salted fish will not freeze. It also has a very clean and fresh odor that screams out of a hole. You can salt all kinds of fish. I like to salt whole fish that are a few ounces to 2 pounds. The process is simple and every trapper should have a few five gallon buckets ready to go, come trapping season. Go catch or buy yourself some fish. Then go to the farmers co-op and buy a few 25-50 pounds of salt. You will be amazed at how cheap bulk salt cost. Then grab a five gallon bucket with lid and pour in two inches of salt to cover the bottom of the bucket. Layer in the fish. Use one layer of fish, pack them in tight, but do not place fish on top of each other. Add another layer of salt. Cover the last layer of fish with the salt, it does not need to be thick, just cover the fish. Then add another layer of fish, then another layer of salt. Repeat this process till the bucket is 5-6 inches from the top of the bucket. Make sure that the last layer in the bucket is salt. Then seal the bucket with the lid. Give it a few weeks to several years. It will not rot, you are pickling the fish. Don’t get worried when you open the bucket and you see, what looks like dirty water standing in the bucket. This is a salt brine and in normal. If you take out a fish and smell it, you will have to smile. It will smell stronger than a fresh caught fish and it supper fresh smelling. When you use it, you will also notice that is will not hardly freeze and will put off a strong fresh fish odor for a couple of weeks. It will eventually rot, but it will last up in warm weather for a couple of weeks and months in cold weather. You can use this fish just like any other bait. It also works great on covered flat sets and buried bait sets. Another over looked factor or salted fish is that you can nail it to a tree high off the ground and have a call odor that will carry far on the wind currents and cause a lot of milling around the area


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  1. Nick

    can you cut the fish up?????

  2. R.C.

    what temperature should u store the fish

    1. admin

      just out of sun. It will no spoil

  3. Dale Baker

    I want to know if you can make this bait in a three month period. Please answer back.

    Thank you, DALE

    1. admin

      Sure you can, it is best in the summer if you want to taint it. Fresh bait can be made in a day with four days for Sodium Benziote to kick in. A lot of the old bait formulas talk about letting baits rot down for months or years. You don’t have to do this.

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