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We would really like to hear from YOU! Every trapper has memories and trap line stories that would entertain and help out other trappers. We know, you have techniques and methods that would help out your fellow trapping brothers. If you enjoy the radio show and the articals, then join in with the learning, explaining and educating other trappers that can use you skills to help them become better trappers on their own line.

If you want to add a story to trapping radio, then e-mail Clint at with you story. Due to all the different programs on the market today, we request that you copy the text of your artical in the body of the e-mail. Don’t forget to add a few pics of yourself, catch or help explain you story.


Clint Locklear


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  1. TD

    I live by a lake with lots of houses and dogs, cats. We have a beaver(s) chewing up the trees. I don’t want to use a snare trap or hire a trapper (they all want to kill the beaver) so I bought a large cage trap along with beaver castor oil for a lure. Any advice past that? Are cage traps very effective in catching beavers. I just want to relocate the critter after capture.

    1. Chip

      Utube videos by Kirk DeKalb should shed some light.

  2. Lucy Sky Cloud

    Please notify me of any articles or information on trapping. Thank you,

  3. jeremiah

    thanks man i did a final count and got 25 coons, 2 red foxs, 1 gray and 2 rats.

  4. jeremiah

    hi this is my second year traping iam 15 i started to buy traps and didnt no how or where to put then but i got 2 gray fox and 4 coons my 1st year. this year i got 1 gray fox 2 red foxs and 14 coons. i would like to no more about where to put/set my traps up at thanks

    1. Paul

      Are you wanting to catch coons and fox or other furbearers? Anyway for the fox trap the ecotones. Around here the fox stay in the thicker stuff because of the coyotes. For the coons its hard to beat setting near water sources(creeks,rivers,ponds,ect.)
      I hope this helps. I’ll check back here periodicaly to see if you replied. Come on men help a newcomer out if you can it takes a village to raise a child.

      1. mike

        In upper michigan, I get grey fox in the brush, reds at funnel points close to town, and for coon i’ve got alot of corn field country bordering hardwoods,cedar swamps, and creeks. In coyote country, go big on trap and pan size, even on fox sets. Its better to find out a yote or bobcat worked your fox set by seeing it still standing there, then seeing tracks by a fired empty trap!!

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