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Apr 11

Trapping Radio show # 18, Q and A on why traps get dug up, skinning knives, chain or cable for conibears, mice problems for Dog Proff traps, Conibear Triggers and different Dam Break sets for Beaver, Clint gets interviewed for a school project,

trapping radio logo

Why coyote and fox traps get dug up. Chain or cable for body grip traps? Skinning knives for fur handling and ways to fix mice problems with dog proof raccoon traps. body grip/conibear triggers. trapping radio show # 18 This week on Trapping Across America, Clints get interviewed for a school project in NC. Then we …

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Nov 25

Thinking out side of box to catch mink on the fur trapline

trapping mink with cage traps

By Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group I watched this video on you tube the other day, and since I have been trapping on the river, the video keeps playing in my head. The video showed a guy setting a cage trap on a float and setting the trap under a road bridge. He caught a mink. …

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