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Jan 13

Clint Rants about the Tiny Trap Club, use what you want to catch animals, but don’t tell me what to use!

This has been on Wolfer Nation for a while. I am talking about all the “talking down to” I get from trappers that decide to use small traps. I personally don’t care what you use, I’m just glad your trapping. I also do not try to put trappers down that use different gear than I do. …

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Nov 11

Lure?, Bait? or both for catching coyotes


  by Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group You can look back in history and see when lure/scent became the choice of writers in the fur industry. Fur prices where in the tank and basically lure made the writer the most amount of profit to sale from a mail order business. Nothing is wrong with advertising, but some …

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