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Dec 29

Our new world “order” and what it is costing you

This crazy money system we are under is costing each one of us a ton of money. The printing of money is causing the value of our money to be worth less. Prices are not going higher, our money is just loosing value. This goes hand and hand with the radio show were we talk …

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Dec 09

Trapping Across America Show #7, After the trapping of coyotes or raccoons is over keep the Trappers Stock Market in mind

trapping radio

Once you trap a pile of coyotes, bobcats or raccoons and the trapping and snaring is over keep the Trapper Stock Market in mind. trapping radio show #7 This week on Trapping Across America we have a little different show for you. We are proud to have beavertrapper from Alabama starting a new section for …

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