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Dec 29

Ammo and guns, the new gold for Americans! This is a good thing

Gold is though the roof, even with the small dips we are seeing in the market today. Siver is also down a little at the moment, but it is in a bull market. As trappers, most of us like, no love our guns. Those guns need ammo to be happy, and the cart shows how …

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Nov 25

Hard-Core soil fertility for survivalist

don't tread on me flag

  This may seem strange to some of you reading this post. It is not in any gardening books I have read, and I have read a lot of them. Years ago, I worked my ground for the organic market and I never had to worry about not having thriving plants. Sure, I was a …

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Nov 18

Why Prep, are you and why?

by Clint Locklear Have you ever really thought about why you prepare for the future and or hard times? Just get on a few other sites and some survival forums and you will notice everything from people wanting to be self-reliant to getting ready for a total collapse. Some family‚Äôs just want to be able …

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