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Jul 27

Trapper Radio Show # 33, Vice- President of the Maine Trappers Association, Brian Cogille is with us. Tonight we talk about the lynx, and the problems the Anti’s are causing and trapping in the great wilderness of the North Woods.

Trapper radio

The Maine Trappers Association has been catching marten, coyotes and bobcats for years with no problems. Now they are under attack from anti’s about the healthy population of Lynx that has walked across the American border. This is a joke for wildlife management, and we need to give support to the trappers association any way we …

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Dec 29

Thanks from Trapping Radio

Johnny thorpe

I just want to take a moment a think you guys and girls for spreading the word about Trapping Across America. After only eight shows, we had over ten thousand hits on the site. That is amazing for a web site that has only been up for 2 months. So I know you have been …

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