Dec 29

Thanks from Trapping Radio

I just want to take a moment a think you guys and girls for spreading the word about Trapping Across America. After only eight shows, we had over ten thousand hits on the site. That is amazing for a web site that has only been up for 2 months. So I know you have been telling others about the show. To put that in perspective, that is more people listening to the show than all but two of the trappings mags on the market today.

We have a lot of interviews in the works for future shows. If any ones wants me talk about a topic, just post it under the latest show we post. Trust me, if you are wondering about a topic or question, you are not alone. I might not know the answer, but I can probably find someone who does.

I also want to think Beavertrapper for doing a bang up job on the Beginners Corner and to American Trap Talk for posting about the show and putting up a banner ad.

One other thing, if you are with the National Trappers Assoc., the Fur Takers or a state Assoc. and you have news you would like to get out to trappers, just speak up. If you’re a trapper and want to let us trappers know about trapping troubles you are having in your state, speak up. We will give you a platform to reach a lot of trappers. This is partly the reason we had started trapping radio.

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