Nov 25

Thinking out side of box to catch mink on the fur trapline

By Clint Locklear, Predator Control Group

I watched this video on you tube the other day, and since I have been trapping on the river, the video keeps playing in my head. The video showed a guy setting a cage trap on a float and setting the trap under a road bridge. He caught a mink. Now that is something that I had not thought of before. Why, would a trapper use a cage for mink when he could use a foothold steel trap on a bodygrip trap? I think he was in a state that lost the right to use regular traps, but what if you can use what ever you want to?

One cages are bigger than a 110 or 160 bodygrip. This might be the reason, but who does not trap out of a boat, canoe or truck now days. The cage would also cost more, but would the advantages be worth it?

For me, I have never just targeted mink on my trap lines. I have not used very many cages in my trapping at all, but am getting more into them. I see the cage trap for mink to hold some advantages over the standard mink sets. One is that it would allow me to set the trap where I would never set a steel trap. I could have dog or house cat problems. Mink can be found right next to houses and inside of cities. Even though I live in rural TN, it is hard not to find a location that a hunting dog can not find. So, with the cage trap, I could set out the mink sets without worrying about catching anything that might cause me a headache.

Two, if a trap wap made for mink. it could be the right size, cheap and quick to set. Mink like holes, a small cage trap with grass and leaves over it is a hole. There are no trigger problem like every trapper has with bodygrip traps. You would not have to worry about damage or water levels like we do with foot hold traps. The cage would be set on the bank in or next to the mink trails. Scuffing up the ground with your boot, Set the pre-baited cage, set it down and cover with grass. Now that would be fast.

If you had the cage traps, you could run a line fast and take mink only on your mink line. You would not have to worry about weather, water levels or domestic pets.  I had Norm Blackwell over, to come up with just this fur taking mink cage trap. I can’t wait to put this idea to the test.

Have you used cage traps for mink? What do you think about this concept? Do you have any tips or ideas that would make this system work better? please leave comment.


  1. admin

    Todd, I will give you a call. I have massive respect for Bud Hall. I love to learn more about him and what he did. O’Gorman talked highly of him. Would this week end work for you?

  2. Todd Campbell

    Clint, In 1992 of May me and my son took mink trapping instruction from Bud Hall in Nashua Iowa. His main set that he used 95% of the time was a baited pocket set with carp. The hole was just wide enough for a 11/2 coilspring victor and a minimum of 18 inches deep. He used 4′ of chain with a coyote grapple. The trap was placed inside the hole with 1 to 11/2 ” of water over it. after digging the hole he placed a very large piece of frozen carp in the back of the hole then he placed the trap inside the hole with the dog facing 3 o’clock. He then covered the mouth of the hole with grass so no one could see the set. After about 1 day the carp would thaw out and the blood and oil would trickle out of the hole and down the bank so when the mink worked up and down the bank he would smell the blood and oil and find the set and get caught. usually the trap pinned the mink against the roof of the pocket and the trap would get a high hold on the legs or by both front feet. Bud would catch 300 mink a year with this set. My son and I did very well ourselves. Instruction pays. When I hear of floating cage traps I think of how simple and effective Bud’s set is. He used this set in feeder streams that were not prone to flooding. I would be glad to do a radio show about this set. I have caught 3 mink in 3 days and 4 out of 1 trap in a week. This set is not for a large river but works in ponds and feeder streams where the water does not fluctuate. 937 239 7275 call anytime

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