Oct 12

Trapping Radio # 43, How to catch coyotes, trapping locations, dirt hole sets and flat sets with Scott Welch

How to catch coyotes, trapping locations, dirt hole sets and flat sets with Scott Welch

trapping radio show # 43


This week on Trapping Across America we have the second part to our interview with Scott Welch from Welch’s High Production Lures. Last week we talked about coyote gear, this week we talk about pinning the coyotes to the ground without prejudice. Scott knows the coyote game and this comes through in the interview. If you are a coyote man, you will enjoy todays show. We cover coyote locations, dirt holes, flat sets, eye appeal and even how to catch a coyote with an old 72 Chevy car. There is a ton of information in this show, but Scott does an out standing job explaining trapping locations. You will hear his voice this season saying…outside corner. We also had a lot of fun recording this show, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself smiling while you can almost smell the caught coyotes.

Our sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap Supply. Fall is coming on like a freight train. So if you need to pick up some traps or trapping supplies, check out Okie Cable and Trap supply. Jeb will treat you like a long-lost friend and treat you fair.

The Predator Control Group product of the week is our Dirt holes, beyond the Basics dvd. If you are new to trapping or have been it for years, I’m sure you will pick up several pointers to help you catch more coyotes this fall. Coyote prices are higher this year than we have seen in a long, long time. This $20.00 dvd is an instruction based training course that does get out of the standard dirt hole set mindset. We all have adult and pup coyotes on our line, this video explains how to catch both with one set. Most dirt hole sets are made to catch the pups and only a very few adults. Take you coyote trapping beyond the basics.

If you’re in the Area, I hope to see you at the TN trappers convention this weekend.

Next week we will be interviewing the one and only trapperchick. She is a real trapper, nice to look at and feisty to boot.


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  1. clayton

    I’m also confused about the outside points also. If a field meets a woodline, is it the outside point of the field or the outside point of the woodline?? Thanks

    1. admin

      Not really. Draw a square on paper. This is edges of feild. Next draw a down tree or draw that goes out into the field a little bit. The very edge of the down tree, brush or draw that makes the animal go out into the feild to work the edge is an outside point. It could be a brush pile, thicket, corner fence post or creek, does not matter. Once the animal has to go out and around the edge that sticks out in the feild is the ouside edge you are looking for. All animals will cruz right on the futherest point into the field.

  2. Andrew M

    Thanks for the great interviews and videos. I have learned a great deal from you and your guests. Unfortunately, I am still confused about what “outside corner” means. I think I know, but I am not sure. Is there any way you could post an illustration?

  3. gobbler11

    Clint one of your best shows so far. Who does that great song at the end?

    1. admin

      Go to youtube and type in warrior song. It is a money based project to help out soldiers. I have bought all three songs they have made. They are $1.00 each. Seems like a good cause and they make great motivational songs.

  4. frank shofner

    one of the best yet. ready for more.

  5. Laurel Mtman

    Clint, You know you HAVE to make a video called Dirthole Porn now right ??

    Thanks for trapping radio !

    1. admin

      My wife might have something to say about that. WOuld be an interesting video, I will work on getting some pics on Wolfer Nation.

  6. Shane Sherwood

    I’d like to thank you for the great interviews you allow us trappers to listen too. I was just telling my buddy, some folks would pay to hear the theories and topics you kick around. These last couple interviews with Scott have been very good as well as entertaining. Thanks again Clint!

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