Oct 26

Trapper Radio # 45, North American Fur Auction, what will fur sale for?, Fur prices, international fur market, a great interview with Arnold Groehler

 Trapper Radio # 45, North American Fur Auction, what will fur sale for?, Fur prices, international fur market, a great interview with Arnold Groehler

NAFA trapping radio #45


This week on Trapping Across America will be interviewing Arnold Groehler from the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council. Arnold will be explaining to us what the North American Fur Auction has been up to all around the world. We will be covering the wild fur market as a whole and a general overview of this upcoming trapping season. China is 90% of our wild fur market and Russia is about the other 10%. How and why the chinese fur buyers are buying fur, and have changed our market today. You need to understand how the fur auction results are very different today and how they have changed from only 10 years ago. You will find it very interesting why the China market is only now really getting into the muskrat market. You will also be surprised what and how they are using our muskrats. Arnold will cover why trappers need to start looking at their trap lines like a small business. Changes are coming in the future that will affect all trappers that sell fur. You should be getting ready for it now. I am looking forward to doing more interviews with Arnold, he is a wealth of knowledge. You can find out more about North American Fur Auction at www.nafa.ca

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  1. Bill Shaw

    Great show, thank you. Could you put out a video or point a new trapper in the direction of how to handle your own fur. You can find how to skin anything from field mouse to eliphant on the web but nothing on fleshing raw fur to stretching and times and what after stretching and sizes of boards and all the little stuff with some wisdom from mistakes past behind it. Thanks


  2. Seldom

    Great interview and extremely informative! I don’t mind a change in new or “preferred” opening cuts or skinning methods but hopefully the updated fur handling videos won’t cause a change in board sizes!!!! I would also hope that with the advent of the new videos that they update thier fur handling handbook to match.

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