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Trapper Radio # 57, How to treat and Camo body grip traps, snares and coyote trapping

Trapper Radio # 57, How to treat and Camo body grip traps, snares and coyote trapping

trapping radio 57, body grip traps and coyote trapping


This week on Trapping Across America we are covering several topics:

1. color of body grip traps, does it matter? why black or dark body grip traps are not the best to use.

2.different ways to paint and camo body grip traps, paint, speed dip, Full Metal Jacket, and powder coating.

3. color of snares and how to make your snares blend into the trail.

4. A mistake a young or new trappers make, by judging his or her catch off of a professional trappers catch. Looking at running 6-36 traps in the real world of trapping

5. how to change you game plan and how to catch and trap coyotes during breeding season and late winter. The coyotes change their mindset and so should you.



Our sponsors this week are as follows:

Okie Cable & Trap Supply, They are large enough to get you a deal, and small enough to give you the customer service you need.  Make sure to check out their web-site at www.oktrapsupply.com

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”. We welcome our new sponsor and you should check out their web-site www.fntpost.com

trapperchick.com, she has her coyote trapping video on the market now. You know you want to go trapping with trapperchick! You can see what she is up to at trapperchick.com

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUP’S product of the week is…..YOTE DOPE…   Yote Dope is a hyper-gland lure that is made by Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group. This lure is made for adult coyotes, both Alpha Males and Alpha females. This is not you normal fresh or rotten down gland lure, but a hyper gland lure that is loaded with other oils and musks to target adult coyotes.

NOTE from Clint, I am looking for mink and otter glands. If you have some or will have some, I would like to talk money or lure trades with you.


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  1. Bill Shaw

    I am in Baghdad Iraq and found your web sight. Love the pod casts. I grew up in the country and always wanted to trap but never did. Then the Army came and then contracting over seas and I woke up and I am 46 and still have the dreams of trapping. Well I am going to be quieting this kind of work and moving back to the ozarks and was needing some advice. I will have access to about 1500 acres at first and a good sized river. I needed to know how many and what sizes of traps you would recommend to get started on that size of a place. I will be trapping coyote, bobcat, fox, coon, mink, beaver, muskrats….
    Hate to ask these kind of questions on your pod cast page but can’t make the other contact avenues work. Sorry if this inconviences anyone. Also Clint if i could get a hold of you or you me. I am interested in some one on one instruction if you do that sort of thing. Thanks again….you help keep us sane over here!!


  2. The Meat Trapper

    Very good show, as usual. Really liked the info on camouflaging conibears. Do you use the same method for bodygrips for water user? Or do you go with a flat brown color? Do you use Full Metal Jacket on water traps or just land traps?

    1. admin

      just land traps. The FMJ is not for water traps

  3. Jeremy Cornelius

    This was a good show. Made me feel a little better about what were doing. Me and my brother in law just got into this coyote trapping about the beginning of December and we caught 3 coyotes in 2 months with only bout 6-8 traps out. After hearing this I think we’re definately on the right track. Can’t wait for November when it starts again !!

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