Apr 19

Trapper Radio #62, How to catch and trap otter and beaver with footholds and body grip traps, interview with Donny Grafton

Donny Grafton beaver trapping

Donny Grafton beaver trapping

Trapper Radio #62, How to catch and trap otter and beaver with footholds and body grip traps, interview with Donny Grafton

trapping Radio # 62 beaver and otter trapping

trapping radio podcast

This week on Trapping Across America we have an outstanding interview with a good friend of mine, Donny Grafton from North Central Louisiana. We talk about otter trapping. Donny has been a member of the 100 otter a year club several times and knows his otter inside and out. His favorite body grip trap is a 280. We also cover how he manages his otter population as he farms his trap line.

Then we get into beaver trapping. What I like about Donny is that he is a beaver trapper, not a beaver set trapper. Since he has made a living from beaver for over a decade and a half, he has really learned how to take beaver by using the beavers habits. He makes his sets different depending on time of the year and the ground make-up of the creek soil. Pay attention to what he says, there is a ton of experience talking here.

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host Clint Locklear

host Clint Locklear



  1. Todd Campbell

    Hi Clint, Great show! The conibears like the Belisle or other modified body grippers are the most humane way to kill beaver and otter. I have recently viewed a couple of videos showing a beaver and an otter caught in the old style conibears with a gap between the jaws and the animal did not expire till around almost 2 minutes. As a voice for us trappers it is a wise thing to promote the usage of the newer style of conibears. The anti’s would love to get their hands on those videos to ridicule us and to promote anti trapping legislation. New technology is good for us trappers.

  2. Kevin

    Thank for the show, i listen for this radio show for the first time, have a bunch of beavers’round my house, keep destroy all tree i just plant.

  3. The Meat Trapper

    This was a GREAT show! Clint you are preserving a vast storehouse of wisdom for future generations, This man was truly inspirational for me. I really appreciated this interview. I’m on the road living out of hotel rooms so this is a real blessing. Thanks!

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