May 11

Trapper Radio Show # 23, The secound part to state hopping and trapping out of state. Is a partner good or bad for you. How are you going to put up fur on the raod. having you personal life in order and tagging your bobcats and otter.

Trapping coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otter and raccoons out-of-state, state hopping. How to skin and put up fur on the road. Trapping regulations and trapping partners.

Trapping Radio show # 23


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  1. james E jackson

    clint,thanks for all the great information

  2. Lucas Mcintyre

    hi clint
    i really like your trap rant on your video. i have recently been using number 2 traps. yes i do see cutting. i have been really been excited to try out bigger traps. hey i really like the expanded pan system you put on your traps. in my opinion a first year trapper get so stoked up on trapping. they mess up by modifications there not trying to find out whats the best trap size for the animals. because of prices. YES i did the same thing. did i get kicked in the hind end yes i did. thats the first thing that i should have really should have ut a thought to. and of course you know your first year you learned the most of your mistakes and over the years of running lines that’s something everybody learns. here in the next couple of years i am going deeper in modifications im like you if bigger is better that what im going into. people can say all they want about bigger traps. but when they are out there running smaller traps and me and you are running our own lines with bigger traps catching more fur or doing control jobs that’s going to come to a conclusion some day im with you all the way BIGGER IS BETTER.

  3. jeff dunlap

    working out of state otter beaver coon trapping for 9 weeks it cost little over $3500 for expenses.that covered everything but a place to stay which i got for free.might give u guys an idea of the nest egg you need

    1. admin

      It is hard to imagine that we payed $.85 for a gollon of gas. Fast food is no longer fast or cheap and the grocery bill on the road seems to be about three times what is was 10 years ago.

      The nest egg was a lot smaller not to many years ago.

  4. Todd Campbell

    Clint, that is some excellent advice on having partners and going out of state or taking a trapping trip away from home.Enjoyed the show.

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