Jun 08

Trapper Radio Show # 27, Clints Locklear gets interviewed by his wife Cindy on his trapping and the Predator Control Group busniess.

Clint Locklear professional trapper and owner or Predator Control Group gets a taste of his own medicine. How he got started trapping in Alaska and coyote, bobcat and beaver trapping

Trapper Radio Show # 27

This week on Trapping Across America

Clint gets interviewed by Cindy Locklear. Clint does not what the questions are till he hears them recording the show (scary for any husband).

This is a very personal look at Clint, Cindy and Predator Control Group. Nothings is as it seems in the trapping world or a trappers world. This is a fun show.


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  1. Mike Grosch

    Great show ,I will be looking looking forward to part 2 I feel like I know the two of you
    even more now Thanks.

  2. Todd Campbell

    Great show, what a great and fun loving wife you have in Cindy. I can’t tell you how much you have made a mark in this life in the trapping world. Every one wants to make a difference in this life and you guys have definately blazed a trail with trapping radio and the trapping videos and all the books and tapes and lures you two have produced. Us trappers are blessed by Predator Control Group.

  3. Fred Faerber

    Yeah you never know if there baiting you along or not..See you in PA

  4. james E jackson

    cindy ,that was great,can’t wait till part 2

  5. k9krusader

    good show a nice way to switch it up anouther one with Cindy as host thumbs up i would of like to heard what u had to say about trapping laws&regs keepem comeing

  6. Bud Stroup

    I came down to help my mother with my step father who is dieing from a brain tumor and you guys removed me from the doom and gloom around here for a very fun hour. For me this was one of your best shows, thank you! and like always can’t wait for next week.

    1. admin

      Sorry to hear about your step father.

      Glad the show gave you a break from the doom and gloom.

  7. Beavertrapper

    What a wonderful show. You’re a lucky man Clint. You are truly blessed to have a wife that has supported you like Cindy has.

    1. admin

      Amen brother!

  8. Fred Faerber

    That Rocked..Yes there should be a part two..Thanks for doing that..

    1. admin

      Will do. It was fun, but a little scary to be honest with you. I never know what she is thinking.

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