Jun 15

Trapper Radio Show # 28, Making money trapping. Tonight we will look at the future of trapping and what this will mean for many trappers across America

High fur prices, our dollar and making money trapping. Our future is very different from we have had in the past. Since fur prices are going up, take advantage of it. In the future keeping your cost down will be the key. Trap hard and trap smart. 

Trapping radio show #28

This week on Trapping Across America, we will look at the high fur prices and what this mean for die-hard trappers if the prices stay high or get higher. We can look at this in two ways, fight it or use the new trappers to build or numbers for the future.

Then we will look at how you can prepare for the reality of a weak dollar in America. There will be down sides to us, but our trapping skills can take some pressure off of the world we find ourself in. Just like the depression and in the 1970′s, fur will become a major revenue source to the smart trapper. The future will cause us to change how we plan and run our trap lines. profit will be king and the new queen will be trapping as close to zero expense as possible. Will you be ready?

Due to being at back to back conventions (The Fur Takers of America and then PA), there will not be a radio show next week. Clint hopes to get to interview several interesting and practical trappers in the next few weeks. We will get back to a normal  after these trapping conventions. 


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  1. rick

    just a qick question regarding trapper education and licensing. From my research i could not find any DNR,DEC or other state entity that addresses any posibility of compensating sportsmen (women)educators for either time spent, travel and or accomadations. all such expenses are the sole responsibility of the “good will” , educated, experienced, certified and trained “old timers”. Question comes about from being involved with several non profit organizations where “good will” means work for free, but administrators,facilitators and executives receive significant payments for services rendered. Pittman/Robinson has ample amounts of available funds to be allocated for the benifiet of the outdoor sports promotion,conservation efforts, restock programs and such, but yet it is a mute item when the reality being that without proper sportsmen training there wouldnt be licensed sportsman. Why are the good natured, positive professional outdoorsman(women) dismissed because we are willing to do it for free. or should i say “out of our own pockets”. This may sound as a complaint to those who may not know that they use the resources which are paid by the Pittman/Robinson but yet you could be the very ones not contributing because your outdoor activity is a non contributal activity. Hold a sporstmans certification class and assess the amount of “good will work” is given. I challenge anyone reading this to attend a class before responding about something you haven’t experienced. God Bless and Carry On YES- this message comes from the Great State of New York. Need i say more !

  2. Todd Campbell

    Clint, You have an extrodinary insight to the future of economics.. Ever since we stopped backing up our money by the gold standard our US dollar has declined to where it is now. Sometimes I think our government has done this intentionaly to bankrupt our country. The style of trapping you described on this show is the way I used to trap when I was a boy. After I learned about carrying capacity I realized there were only so many animals on each farm. After 4-6 days most of my traps were empty and I pulled and moved to another farm. I have learned a lot from your political videos and of course the trapping videos.
    I was thinking about storing up in large quantities with a large chest freezer and also I have been thinking about forever stamps. This is a small thing but if a person went around to different places and bought 100 books of forever stamps that would be 2,000 stamps. When the price goes up you still have the lower priced stamps to use. This goes with anything we consume. Great show, keep them coming.

  3. Seldom

    I have to take issue with the 1st subject of your broadcast Clint. Though I have always appreciated your commonsense approach to life and trapping but through personal experience I am forced to disagree. The price is way too high and I have paid that price and will never do that again!!

    Supposedly bringing in new trappers to the fold with the intent is a fool’s errand in my opinion and again from my experiences. This season will be my 57th and there was a time back in the late-70′s that I thought exactly as you described. I helped and mentored several new trappers with all the good intentions you mentioned. Every instance turn bad!!!

    What I learned the hard way was NEVER train/mentor/coach your competion! The first and most important thing of the utmost value you’ll lose is your properties, not the concern of losing catch numbers! I know for a fact it’s a worse scenario today than back then because we’re now one additional generation from the property owners understanding trapping isn’t hunting!! By that I mean “Come one-come all” everybody hunts the same property so it’s no different with trapping to many of today’s property owners.

    Some folks actually get offended, when I tell them that I don’t take locals on my hard earned lines nor do i do “show me how” time. Like it’s my obligation to do so.  Its NOT my obligation to ensure others success. It’s THEIR obligation to put in the time- and their success, like in anything, will be directly related to their desire.

    1. admin

      I understand what you are saying. I have heard the same story over and over again. I was not refering to taking them on your line or ground. I was refering to get them in the NTA, FTA and state groups.
      There is no question as the prices get higher, we will all have head aches for sure.

      Thanks for your point of view,


    2. Vinod

      Looking west over the horizon, the west coast inalnd territory of the Pacific Northwest would seem uninhabitable to a person of any “civilized” society today. However, in the past the lure for furs and their profitable nature pushed aside the dangers of this rugged terrain. Fur trappers on their cross-country trek would be immersed in a whole new world, foreign and new to them. The encounters they would make would change history as well as shine a light for migrants to move west. Even when the peril they had heard of became a reality; trapping was well worth the risk. Each pelt

  4. Barry Holland

    The best show yet Clint! You summarized in one radio show what I have been thinking for a year. If put to use the advice you gave in this show is worth countless thousands of dollars.

  5. Bud Stroup

    I have already started for next season. My over head camper is ready, I have camp sites A,B,C and D picked out as the snow moves me down. I will have a storage locker rented to put a freezer in. Fuel is $4.49 per gal so I will be camping.

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