Jun 29

Trapper Radio Show #29, How to kill coyotes. Linvol Webb from VA at the FTA convention. We cover the Belisle Foot Snare, trap size, coyote trapping, his personal trapping instructions, trap line dogs, trap line dogs and dogs on the trap line.

If you want to know how to kill coyotes with traps and snares, Linvol has a lot of good advice. Besides the normal foot hold equipment we read about and use, he uses and is explaining the foot snare. It’s a great tool for urban areas.

trapping radio show # 29

This week on Trapping Across America I will interview Linvol Webb from the great country(all states in the union are sovereign countries, check it out for yourself) of VA. I have known him for a long time and he is a trappers trapper and level-headed to boot. I get to ask Linvol about why and how he uses the Belisle foot snare for the live market and populated areas. Then we will talk about the education he has went too, The FTA Trappers College, Advanced Trappers School, Craig O’Gorman and Slim Pedersen.

One of the main reasons I wanted to interview Mr. Webb is because of his coyote trapping ideas. What does he look for as far as location, traps and sets. It will become very clear that Linvol has learned and uses his dog on the trap line for more than companionship.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUPS product of the week is Year  Long Blitzkrieg. This 4 hour dvd you into the life and travels of a modern-day professional trapper. It covers several states, summer to winter. It also gives a lot of instruction for coyote, bobcat, muskrat, beaver and raccoon trapping. The price of the dvd is cheap when you consider it took over 30,000 miles to produce it.


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  1. molepole@mole trap

    this is very helpful
    mole trap

  2. Bryan Woods

    I just listened to the show and really enjoyed it. looking forward to trapping my first coyote.

    1. admin

      Thanks, glad you liked the show. Good luck on you first coyote. The first one seems to be the hardest, but the learning curve is well worth it.

  3. Terry Walton

    This is the first time for me to listen to Trapping Radio and really enjoyed it , really interested in trapline dogs.Thanks

  4. Linvol Webb

    One time deal with the snare just make a new snare with the lock and swivel. Remember 7/19 cable .

    1. Santiago

      Just like to thank you for taking the time and shirang this.I’am 54 yrs old and just started trapping again caugth my first yote a few weeks ago wow felt like a kid again.Thanks much

  5. Gary Fisher

    I recieved instruction from Darcy as well on the use of the foot snare. He is a great trapper and goes out of his way to help any trapper.

    Another great show Mr Lockear . Keep up the good work.

  6. Bud Stroup

    For the last 2 months I have been watching my dog, a 2 yr old McNab and she has been peeing on bobcat droppings. I don’t know if she has been doing this for a while or I just started noticing but I watch every move she makes now when out scouting. I’m in new country so I am scouting alot for this season and she is peeing alot!

  7. frank shofner

    nice enterview, keep them coming

  8. Beavertrapper

    Great show – I really enjoyed the talk about the Belisle foot snare. I’m going to try the Belisle head to head against the Fremont thrower for hogs and see what the differences are.

    Do you know if the foot snare is a one shot deal like a regular neck snare is – or can you make multiple catches with the same snare?

  9. Fred Faerber Iv

    Another great show..I love Linvol dog talk big believer in it….Alot of good info in this interview.Keepem coming…

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