Jul 06

Trapper Radio Show # 30, How to catch beaver, otter and grey fox. Clint interviews Belin Watson from VA at the PA Trappers Convention. Belin talks about old traps, Beaver, Otter, Grey Fox trapping and the live market.

How to catch more beaver, grey fox and otter. This topic is covered by a great trapper and a friend of mine. Beaver and otter trapping can be hard or easy, it’s up to you. If you walk far away from the truck, it will be hard. Belin has great grey fox trapping system with foot hold trap. Listen to real world advice and enjoy.

Trapper Radio Show # 30

This week on Trapping Across America, Clint Locklear interviews Belin Watson from VA while at the PA State Convention. Belin is one of the Generals of the Virgina Trapping Regiment that comes to the conventions with and smile and common sense trapping advice.

Today we will talk about how Belin got started in trapping. If you meet him, you would think he has trapped forever. Then we will get into traps and old traps we have known. We as trappers handle traps everyday, but there are a lot of unique and collector traps out there just waiting for you. For you guys or gals that want to know how to catch more beaver, otter and grey fox, you will enjoy this show. His setting style is geared for grey fox, but one of his favorite grey fox lure will surprise you. If you get hungry, you can have a little bait yourself.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUPS product of the week is Grey Gitter lure. It is a staple of fox trappers all over the country. This is an early season lure. I would go to something else once the temperature gets around 15 degrees. Not only is Grey Gitter a proven grey fox lure it is used by many of raccoon trappers North to South.

NOTE: we had two guys at the Fur Takers of America Convention and one guy at the PA State Convention conquer the Predator Control Group man challenge.


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  1. Fred Faerber IV

    Keep them coming..I love sitting here listen to the shows..My imagation just runs wild..

  2. Belin Watson

    I would like to thank Clint for getting me to do this intervier. It was a lot of fun.
    I would like to add one thing to the gray fox traps. I night latch all my soft catchesand set extremely light. Grays are light weight animals and divide that weight by 4 and you will see how light they are on their feet. I have actually caught quail by the foot in my fox traps. set light.
    Hope I have passed on some of my knowlege.
    Tight chaiins to you
    Belin :-}}

    1. admin

      Belin, thanks for sharing with us with the interview. It was fun talking with you as it always is.

  3. Chris

    Good interview , these radio casts are great , always leaving us for more , great job , always a sat./ sun. coffe affair (good way to start the day/weekend ) , once again thinks for your show and efforts back to the community

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