Jul 27

Trapper Radio Show # 33, Vice- President of the Maine Trappers Association, Brian Cogille is with us. Tonight we talk about the lynx, and the problems the Anti’s are causing and trapping in the great wilderness of the North Woods.

The Maine Trappers Association has been catching marten, coyotes and bobcats for years with no problems. Now they are under attack from anti’s about the healthy population of Lynx that has walked across the American border. This is a joke for wildlife management, and we need to give support to the trappers association any way we can.

Trapping Radio # 33

This week on Trapping Across America, we will look into the problems trappers in Maine are having with the Anti-Animal Groups with the Lynx that are coming across the border from Canada. This show is an interview with Brain Cogille from the great state of Maine.

We will also cover what it takes to trap in the great white north wilderness of Maine. Most of us have no idea what it takes to run a line so far away from civilization. If you need it you have to bring it with you. This would be fuel, lodging, extra tires, food and ALL your trapping supplies. Forget running to the gas station, restaurant or store. The north woods are big, nasty and a lonely place. If you want to live and trap like the old school trappers did, maine is for you. Just remember, “one is none and two is one” on a trip like this. The upside to Maine is the fur is heavy. Plus it is one of the few places you take marten in the lower 48.

This weeks Predator Control Group product of the week is, Beaver Buffet. This is one of the two beaver food lures we carry in our PCG store. A great beaver food lure is a must have for beaver control trappers and fur trappers that are in need of a different odor to take hard to catch beaver. If you have used other food lures in the past, let me ask you a question. Does the beaver steal and eat your lure and lure stick if you miss him? Is a food lure a food lure if the beaver do not want too and does eat the lure? You can see on the Beaver Teachers of the Night dvd that beaver eats both the Beaver Buffet and Damage Complaint food beaver lure from Predator Control Group. Not only do the beaver pull the stick, eat the lure and stick, they start eating grass and leaves off the bottom of the creek. That is what a real beaver food lure will do for you and the beaver. If the beaver want to eat, give them something they will  want to and actually eat. 

If you have trapped in out of the way places, what lession did you learn, please leave comment.


  1. Aden

    Hey, Im from New Brunswick Canada which is on the Main border I thought I would let you guys know that we aren’t aloud to trap Lynx here in NB either

    1. Aden

      though we don’t have as many guidelines as Mainers do

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