Aug 03

Trapper Radio Show #34, How to trap more beaver and otter with Kirk Dekalb from Advanced Trap.com. We will be talking beaver and otter trapping, along with the cage traps he uses and also builds himself.

If you want to know how to trap more beaver and otter, Kirk is a great resource to learn from. He has trapped both beaver and otter by the hundreds and thousands with foothold traps, snares and body grip traps.

Trapper Radio Podcast # 34

This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Kirt Dekalb from South GA. Kirk has caught thousands upon thousands of beaver and a ton of otter along with them. So we will be talking about beaver and otter trapping. Kirk also builds some state of the art cage traps for wild hogs, bobcats and otter. We will also talk about some of his designs and why they are different from the standard Duke, Have-A-Hart or Tomahawk cage traps. You can get a hold of Kirt Dekalb at http://www.advancedtrap.com/.

I hope you are listening to this show from the NTA convention this year in MN. It is going on this week-end.

We would like to introduce you to one of Trapper Radio’s sponsors today. Okie Cable & Trap Supply is helping to bring you the show this week. Jeb from Okie Cable & Trap Supply is a great guy to deal with and is willing to sharpen his pencil if you are looking to buy your traps and supplies in any amount of bulk. This week Okie Cable & Trap Supply is running a deal on 2 dozen Z Traps. You can check out the deal on his site and check out the Z Trap if you have not seen this Raccoon Dog Proof Trap before. You can reach
Okie Cable & Trap Supply,  918-429-4648 or their web-site at http://oktrapsupply.com/

This weeks Predator Control Groups product of the week is OTTER CALL. This lure has made me a lot of money over the years. I explain in the show how I have found the best ways to use an otter lure. OTTER CALL is also a great change-up lure for coyotes and fox.


  1. Anthony Wolsong

    No message.
    Enjoyed the show.

  2. Beavertrapper

    Man, those beaver numbers are amazing – especially considering he was largely self taught.

    It sounds like some VERY interesting cage traps will be coming on the market in the next year or so.

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