Aug 10

Trapper Radio Show # 35, How to trap Mink,Raccoon and Otter to protect the crawfish farms in LA. Ryan from the great state of Louisiana will cover how he catches these problem mink, raccoon and otter in the rice ponds.

If you want to catch more mink, otter and Raccoons on your trap line, you are going to enjoy this interview with Ryan. He fell prey to a problem all trappers face at one time or another. Learn from his “over education” and avoid trapper infomation over load.

Trapping radio podcast # 35

This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Ryan, a proud red-blooded Cajun from Louisiana. Ryan is a fur trapper and also runs an Animal Damage Business. One thing that separates Ryan from a lot of control guys is that a lot of his clients a rice and crawfish farmers in South Louisiana. The money he saves the farmers is mind-blowing.

During todays interview, we talk about mink, raccoon and otter trapping. Learn how he caught 33 mink right off the bat when he started mink trapping. Then what he did to not catch a mink for two years. This is a story we should all listen to before every trapping season.  We all do what Ryan did, we just have to correct it like he did. He also talks about how he targets otter, this is a super otter catching strategy if you will follow it. The direction of travel of the otter can and should determine what kind of sets you use.

We also get into fur prices and fur averages. This will step on a few toes, but he is speaking the truth and from a practical view of a fur check. You may be thinking that he could not be making any money in Louisiana since he traps so far south, you will be surprised.

If you enjoy the trapping radio shows, you should check out our sponsor, OKIE Cable and Trap Supply. He helps us cover the cost of putting out the radio show for you each week. You can see what he has, that you are going to need this fall by going to http://www.oktrapsupply.com/  You can also reach Jeb at 918-429-4648. Jeb still has the Z TRAP dog proof raccoon trap as a special this week.

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  1. Petty Watkins

    Hello I just listened to your show.Good for you! My name is Perry Watkins I am the guy who started setngo trapper. Please visit our website. http://www.setngotrapper.com. We are brand new to the trapping industry. Our site is new and is a work in progress but please look at our youtube videos. Three total. Would love your input. Thanks Perry

  2. Sesan M

    That guy was hilarious! And I learned a lot too. Keep these shows comin.

  3. Hank Williams

    Thank the good lord we have something to listen that worth while, in alaska for summer need something good to listen too Clint keep up the good work watched all you tube videos and all radio shows cant wait for the next one

    1. admin

      I had fun doing this one. I can’t wait to get him and his dad going next time.

  4. dublelung

    Damn good interview and excellent information for us Southern trappers. Keep them coming!

  5. Beavertrapper

    What a great show! Absolutely packed with information that is relevant to me. Thank you!

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