Aug 17

Trapper Radio Show # 36, Trapping coyotes in the mud, too be a professional trapper today, Lure and Bait talk. This is a great interview with Scott Welch from High Production Lures and baits.

Great interview with Scott Welch, we cover coyote trapping is Mississippi, the difference in trapping north and south, beaver and otter trapping on the road. What does it take to make money full-time today. You are going to enjoy this interview.

Trapper Radio # 36


This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing the one and only Scott Welch. He is a ball of energy and I was glad to get him to sit still long enough for the Trapper Radio interview. Scott lets me lead him down many paths. We cover muskrats, mink, raccoon, beaver, otter and catching fur in the wet sloppy mud. Plus if your into making any lure or bait, you will want to hear about a different method from sodium benzoate to preserve your baits and lure. Scott Welch has some great information on the market to help trappers jump into their own High Production trapping.  You can reach Scott at Welch High Production Lures, for his predator book, trapping video and scents. If for no other reason, you will enjoy his web sites into video.

Our sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap supplies If you are looking for a trap and supply dealer you will enjoy doing business with, get in touch with Jeb. If you are looking for body grip traps for the high-priced fur this winter, check out Okie Cable and Trap Supplies. They carry a full line of Duke, Bridger, RBG and Belisle brand body grip traps.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUP’S product of the week is the video, Lure and Bait Making, tips, tricks and methods. This is a full four-hour training course on making lures and baits, bases, oils, glands, pasteurizing urine, making your own fish oil (not rotting it down), raccoon trailing scents, some formulas and much more. If you are thinking about or already playing with scents, this will save a ton of money in the long run.



  1. Ken A.

    Agreed little too short!!!

    1. admin

      I will keep him talking a little longer when i see him in Ohio

  2. Bud Stroup

    Fastes 40 minutes of the week.

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