Aug 24

Trapper Radio Show # 37, How to catch and trap beaver, raccoon and coyotes with foot hold traps with Dale Billingsley from Iowa

How to catch and trap beaver with footholds, trapping raccoons with speed for numbers, dry land raccoon trapping locations and down a dirty coyote trapping. Dale Billingsley will be our trapping instructor this week.

trapping radio # 37


Today on Trapping Across America we are interviewing Dale Billingsley from Iowa, Dale is one of those strait shooting trappers that is entertaining to listen too at the same time. We cover everything from putting up fur, rodio clowns, trapping raccoon on trails, trapping beaver with foot hold traps and some down and dirty coyote trapping. Dale has been in the trapping industry a long time, more importantly he is a numbers trapper from way back. His words are from experence, from miles and miles on a trap line. He also is a lure maker that makes Billingsley Brand Lures that is avaliable from Okie Cable and Trap Supply

Our sponsor this week is Okie Cable and Trap Supply. The season is comming toward us like a freight train, Jeb from Okie Cable and Trap will make sure you have your trapping supplies in order. He carries Okie Band lures, Blackie’s Blend lures, John Grahams Fur Country lures, Carmans lures, Dobbins lures, Milligan Brand Lure and Hawbaker’s Lures.

PREDATOR CONTROL GROUP’S product of the week is…..YOTE DOPE…   Yote Dope is a hyper-gland lure that is made made by Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group. This lure is made for adult coyotes, both Alpha Males and Alpha females. This is not you normal fresh or rotten down gland lure, but a hyper gland lure that is loaded with other oils and musks to target adult coyotes.

I have a few more interviews from the National Trappers Convention to share, one is Nick Bowers on Mink and water trapping. I will be posting this during the Ohio State Trapping Convention. I’m holding this one, because I know Nick will not be able to hear it while at the show. A little aggrivation between friends is fun!

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  1. gregg

    Great Show. Dale is a great guy and he gave a lot of detail to his methods. Thanks!

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