Jun 21

Trapper Radio – 70 – Muskrat, fox and trapping back in the fur boom interview with John Falter

Trapper Radio – 70 – Muskrat, fox and trapping back in the fur boom interview with John Falter

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This week on Trapping Across America we the Organic Free Range Wild Fur Farmers are going to again talk fur trapping and have a good time. Tonight we are interviewing John Falter from PA. He is 65 years old, Vietnam Vet ( PCG say thanks for your service John) and a trapper that trapped during the last fur boom and has the mud stained tee-shirt to prove it. I meet John at the PA show and after talking with him a few moments, I knew he had a cool story in his past. Enjoy!

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host Clint Locklear

host Clint Locklear

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  1. Terrell Bergeron

    As a Law Enforcement Officer I applaud Mr. Locklear. There are far too many of us that forget that we are regular people just like everyone else. I myself have gotten conflicting information from our game wardens. The only thing you can do as a trapper is find your state’s statutes and learn it. Also monitor your state’s wildlife commission public notice schedule. You have to pay attention to what is going on in your area.

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