Nov 18

Trapping Across America show #4, Trapping and catching Coyotes and the Live Market today

Trapping and catching Coyotes and the Live Market today

trapping radio, trapping across america show #4

This week on Trapping Across America we have a great show.

Clint gives some practical advice for new trappers or trappers that have been at it awhile, but have information overload.

Then we have a great interview with Earl Thompson from the great state of GA. We will get into the live market for coyotes and fox. Earl has been at this game for 30 years and he speaks from the miles on his predator, fur and live market lines. We also go into what his years of trapping has taught him to become a better coyote trapper.

After the interview with Earl, Clint will ask you to think out of the box in your trapping. The topic is how we as trappers can start to think about catching doubles and triples from a single coyote or beaver set. You will need and open mind for this. After this shares his favorite speech from “Any Given Sunday” because inches matter and life is that space 6 inches in front of our face.

The Season is on, so let’s have fun, become better outdoorsmen and stack the fur to the ceiling!



  1. cody livingston

    Earl really got me going ,I got just enough red neck in me not to do much hageling over price and skin some yotes ,we work too hard at what we do to give it away we need to stick together on things.Clint you as always get me thinking outside the box

  2. Beavertrapper

    I’ve been playing with the ‘doubles and triples from a single set’ idea and have two reports to make.

    A few days ago I made a castor mound set with a 330 on a small creek, just downstream from a beaver dam. The dam was upstream from the set, so I placed a 280 at the bottom of the dam crossover. On the downstream side of the castor mound, I placed a 330 on a stand in the travel channel.

    I caught two beaver that night off a single castor mound.

    In the other instance, I recalled your advice that the best call lure was a live beaver, with the emphasis on live.

    I was trapping an area where a small lake and a river were connected by a very narrow ditch. I set four snares in the ditch, each snare about 10 yards apart. I smeared “Enrager” on limbs above each snare.

    I caught four beavers in those four snares in one night! That was the best percentage wise I have ever done. It was like I caught the first one, who attracted attention and then I caught the second one, etc etc. I am convinced that had I used 330′s and killed the first beaver – I would not have caught all the others.

    1. admin

      Great job on the beaver. The more you think like this, the more creative you will get.

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