Dec 30

Trapping Across America, show #10, How to trap, catch and kill more Coyotes, Fox and Raccoons by understanding Trap Locations

How to trap, catch and kill more Coyotes, Fox and Raccoons by understanding Trap Locations

Trapping radio #10

This week on Trapping Across America we have a very different kind of show for you. Our show today is produced from a predator control line of Clints. He will be talking about different coyote, fox and raccoon location while he is trapping in NC.

We also have another great Beginners Corner with Beavertrapper from AL this week.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a fun New Years. Make a New Years Pledge to yourself to add more fur to your fur shed this year than you did in 2011!


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  1. mike m

    Trapping culverts on state and county roads. Is it legal?

    1. admin

      depends on your state laws.

  2. Dam Buster

    This was my favorite show yet!! Loved the play by play on sets. This is the kind of stuff I can learn from.

  3. missouriprepper

    Man this was a great show. It’s great information for new trappers as well as guys who have been trapping awhile. I was wondering what was the best way to store fur I’ve been thinking of a small insulated shed with a window unit to keep cool. I loved the prepper stuff the more people that are awake the better. Thanks again

    1. admin

      If you listen to show #8, I think. The one where I talk about the “trapper Stock Market”, we cover storing of furs for the long term.
      Glad you liked the prepping parts I do, I agree, the more people with wide open minds and eyes will result in a better country for us all.

      I am starting a prepper podcat at http://www.survivalistprepper.com. The site has just been on line two days, but in a few weeks it will go into survival trapping and snaring, Food storage, outdoor skills, foraging and growing our own food. This is a lifestyle for me and I hope to get other to take care of themselves and not be dependent on big brother. We will also have a lot of blog style content on the site as well.

      If the other podcast show does not help you on storing fur, just let me know.

  4. admin

    I do personally, I look for routs that the boar raccoon to get from denning cover to denning cover. Like how does the raccoon go from large section of woods to cross feilds to get to the other large section of woods.
    I will go to snare, conibears or Alcatraz on the trails and travel ways I find. Normal sets will work just fine, but you will notice a nice trail if your on their travel way.

    During this time, I will always use coyote call lures and or animal gland lures along with food type bait and lure

  5. Kevin

    Another great show!

    Got a question, do you change your tactics for coon when mating season comes along? Change of sets, lures, locations?

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