Jan 20

Trapping Across America show #13, If you want to trap, catch or kill more coyotes, bobcats and water fur animals, plan your trap line and tips on Dog-proof traps, nut cases

  If you want to trap, catch or kill more coyotes, bobcats and water fur animals, plan your trap line and tips on Dog-proof traps, nut cases

trapping radio show # 13

This week on Trapping Across America we will look into the mind of a environmental nut case. Then we will look into planning a trap line like the military does: Mission statement, Operation Order and After Action Review. After that, we will look into the dog-prof traps with some basics, fixing fire traps and how to bait them, depending on the style of trap you are using.


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  1. Todd Campbell

    anti’s saying you are going to hell. According to the bible the only reason a person goes to hell is because they never recieved JesusChrist as savior and Lord. It is not the will of God that any should perish but all come to repentance. If a person wants to go to heaven all you have to do is ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and repent from sin and live for God the best you know how.Find a good bible preaching church and be faithful to it. I have found that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is very merciful and gives each and every person ample opportunities to recieve Him as savior. It is a real joke for an anti trapper to pronounce judgement on another human being. Only God himself can do such things. The main reason they say these things is to make us stop trapping and to be like them. There is nothing wrong with trapping, hunting or any other form of the outdoors. I believe God gave us the outdoors to decompress from long hard days at work and to me it is very stress relieving. As long as we abide by state laws it is a real privelege to be able to trap, fish and hunt and it is enjoyed by many in good conscience.

    1. Dam Buster

      Excellent repy Todd. We can’t let someone like that nut case affect us. As far as what the nut case said, “I have asked the Devil to do these things…..”, Wholly cow! We don’t EVER need to be asking the Devil anything! Don’t worry about that stuff Clint. Have faith in Jesus, keep doing the things you enjoy, keep the wind in your face, the sun at your back, and the Lord in your heart. Oh, and, keep on making these radio shows!

  2. Dale Roberts Jr

    Great show clint. Thanks so much for providing this platform for trappers to gain more knowledge and info.

    1. MaLya

      The loaoticn was dead on and the explanations to why you picked the trap site was good. So far this season I have managed to pick up 7 coyotes but the season is young. I pick up chickens off of the road that fall off trucks heading to the local chicken plant. Coyotes love them with a passion. One chicken will make probally 4 sets and they all get visited through the night. But I have got to start using the salt treatment so that I can increase my odds and get around the freezing trap syndrom.

  3. admin

    never mind, i figured out that you already had it linked.

    1. Brenda

      Just bngnniieg. I have a coyote problem and must gain control. I am concerned about scent. What kind of gloves are used? I’ve been told to use latex gloves and boil traps. Also, to use a 18 inch hole (post hole digger diameter) at a 45 degree angle and place the trap just inside the hole, bait the hole’s bottom and wait for the culprit to dig for the prize, Haven’t tried it yet but my source says it’s very successful. Any thoughts?

  4. admin

    Thats good to know, do you have a link?

  5. Beavertrapper

    Thanks for another educational and thought provoking show. Excellent tips on the DP’s! You saved me a lot of frustration on that.

    You can download a free copy of the Ranger Handbook .

    The high level directory for all the service manuals is located

    1. Kishor

      I have a coytoe that goes through the area I’m trapping every other day. I have 2 hay sets. 1 set has 3 leg traps around it. The other one has 1 trap. I also have 10 cable restraints in place alog his known travel route. Unfoutunately he has moved my legs traps around and as far as my cable restraints no matter which way I approach the trail he always uses another trail. I was gonna put some blind sets in his tracks under the snow but he never walks the same path twice. I have no idea what to try next. Can you give me some ideas? Also I was very scent cautious with my traps.

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