Nov 25

Trapping Across America show #5, Trapping and catching Bobcats in live trap Cages

Trapping and catching Bobcats in live trap Cages

trapping radio, trapping across america show #5

This week on Trapping Across America we had an interview with Charlie A. from CA. He is a dog-man for cats and also a smart guy when it comes to catching cats in cage traps. If you don’t use cages fur trapping, you might be rethinking that. Also every urban control guy will find some tips to help you make your cage traps more effective for many different animals.

We will talk about how PETA is going behind your back and trying to turn your kids in to vegans while they are at school. Plus they want you to eat tofu-turkey for thanks giving. ( I don’t think so!)

Then I will cover some ideas for raccoon trapping, lessons from the Teachers of the Night video. Right at the end of the show, I’ll give you a tip on how to stay motivated and not turn into a weakling as the season grinds on.

We at Predator Control Group hope you are having a great season and stacking the fur up to the barn roof!


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  1. check Bubble Shooter

    Greetings, how are you? I hope you are doing well. I needed to say that I like Trapping Across America show #5, Catching Bobcats in Cages » Trapper Radio.

  2. Bud Stroup

    My first year trapping with 8 cages I caught one fox and 2 coons my first month and amost gave up on them because I was knocking the snott out of the fox when calling. Then after watching video to cover the pan and floor things started cllking real quick! Love the carpet idea can’t wait to try it. Thanks again Clint for another great topic. P.S. that was in CA. I now live in OR and can use steel but I will still use my cages.

  3. bubble shooter 2

    Hello,I like to read more about this field. I appreciate you for publishing Trapping Across America show #5, Catching Bobcats in Cages » Trapper Radio.

  4. david buchanan

    dam good show i loved every bit of it keep up the good work . and rember

  5. Chad Kamolz

    Thats fine Clint, I love the radio program. Like the movie’s on wolfer nation, I always look forward to the next information you have for us. Thanks, Chad

  6. Chad Kamolz

    Loved listening about the cat, cage trapping. I do alot of cage trapping for grey fox, raccoon, misc. here in minnesota. But, What were the raccoon and motivational trapping tips, you were going to give us. Thanks, Chad

    1. admin

      it was after the interview about the cages’s. talked about scent control and bodygrip coon trapping and the 3×5 card that says ” are you a man or a “wussy” today, that i put the inside of my winsheild. Did you not hear this after the interview? I checked the file and it was on the master file when uploaded.

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