Dec 02

Trapping across America show #6, Clint makes fun of early days while learning Trapping

trapping radio, trapping across America, show #6

This week on Trapping Across America Clint will be talking about his beginning in trapping. Clint even makes fun of his early trapping. If Clint can make a living from the trapping industry, then any one can that has drive and is determined. The story will start in South Alabama and then end in Alaska. After you hear about Clint’s secrete dog food deep snow set ( if you use this, please don’t say where you learned it. It does work, but boy is armature city), we will look at how to get beyond the basics.


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  1. bubbleshooter2.info

    Hey there, Thank you for this brilliant article! I must bookmark Trapping across America show #6, Clint makes fun of early days while learning Trapping » Trapper Radio. Thanks.

  2. Todd Campbell

    Clint, you would not believe some of the trials and errors of my learning to trap. I really enjoyed the show as you held nothing back. I have found that it is a good thing to laugh at ourselves. I remember as a kid trapping muskrats in a little creek and pond behind our house in Ohio. If I caught 1 or 2 I thought I was a bigshot. I started trapping at 14 years old and I never caught a mink till I was 23. As the years clicked by I got more knowledgable and began to catch more fur in larger quantities. It is a lot of fun listening to your radio programs. We all can relate to the early beginnings.

  3. cody livingston

    Well Clint you broght back some old memories that I havent thought of in a while .
    I guess most trappers that are hard chargers like us have gone at it to the point that we have had a few real near death experiences and can look back and laugh at how did we ever catch anything in those sets sort of memories thanks

  4. K. A.

    All the HARD KNOCKS of trapping that everybody that started trapping DID deal with in the beginning, middle, and every now and then still it raises its ugly head even when we know better even, after years and years, its just the way Clint says it…!!.. NO BODY IS PERFECT ALL THE TIME, PEOPLE that TRAP MAY WANT TO Beleive that,) BUT I ASSURE YOU ITs NOT TRUE. GOOD SHOW CLINT..

  5. Beavertrapper

    The best episode yet!

    I really enjoyed this one. You’re a great storyteller. A lot of hard learned lessons for sure. I’m going to try the dog food set – just for the heck of it. :)

    My father was drafted during the Korean war and ended up at Fort Wainwright in 1953. Before he died he told me that it was the most beautiful country he’d ever seen, and that I needed to see it before I die. It’s still on my list of things to do.

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