Dec 09

Trapping Across America Show #7, After the trapping of coyotes or raccoons is over keep the Trappers Stock Market in mind

Once you trap a pile of coyotes, bobcats or raccoons and the trapping and snaring is over keep the Trapper Stock Market in mind.

trapping radio show #7

This week on Trapping Across America we have a little different show for you.

We are proud to have beavertrapper from Alabama starting a new section for the radio show. He will be hosting Beginners Corner. He gives new trappers some great ideas on getting started in the game of trapping.

Clint will be explaining the “trappers Stock market“. This may be a whole new way to look at how a trapper sells his fur and when. We as trappers have many options on when we sell our fur and we can also profit from the fur market cycles. This is a must show for anyone that wants to make more money for their work and time while trapping. This system can be used in more than just trapping, it is a way to think about how you can or should look at your money and how you can beat theĀ  modern banking system in your own life.


  1. Beavertrapper

    I agree with the above comment.

    We are in uncharted waters economically speaking, and people are going to have to re learn how to provide for themselves. As trappers we have the skills to harvest the proceeds of nature to produce food and money. It makes sense to learn how to maximize our return on our efforts and protect ourselves from the paper money con game the bankers have created.

  2. R. Page


    I have to say that this was the best episode yet. You explained how the dollar works, better than any teacher, instructor, or professor I have heard on finances. I also believe what freedoms we have left, is because of the second amendment of the Constitution. I feel we still have this right because of this country’s beleif and trust in God. Our Constitution was based off of that. That being said, look around at all of the immorality going on in this country, and at a seemingly rapid pace, we may very well be on our way to losing our right to keep and bear arms. God forbid that will ever happen.

    Keep up the good work.

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